Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tulula Does The Hula

The title of this post is the actual name that a nine year old Hawaiian girl had until a judge forced her parents to change it. No word what it was changed to. One thing I don't understand is why it went to a judge when she had it for nine years already.

The weird name story comes from a site called Holly wired that I found through Yahoo News. In this article they list the 75 worst baby names celebrities have given their kids. One that is truly funny (the authors of the article thought it was clever. Sad but clever) is Tu Morrow. This is the child (I forget if it was a male or female child) of the actor Rob Morrow who I thought would be above this sort of thing.



  1. Gosh! What were the parents thinking??????? I hated my name growing up too...but this is just plain crazy!

  2. Some years ago, in a local municipal election, one of the candidates was Mr. "Luxem Burgos" (Luxembourg in Spanish). He has a brother called "Edim Burgos" (Edinburgh in Spanish).
    Weird names (and stupid parents) are present worldwide...


  3. Hm.. i think it would be better if you link that yahoo post :)

  4. I almost called my daughter October!!!!

  5. Beverly - I personally like October but maybe I'm biased as that/this is my birth month.

    My birthday was three days ago on Oct 11th. This year it just happened to fall on Canadian Thanksgiving.

    As for naming someone for a birth month, I know of a little girl (a neighbor on the block) named November. Oddly enough I think her birthday is in late October. LOL.

    BTW, I've been away from the blog quite awhile as you may have noticed. When I came back today I noticed that I think I lost two followers. :(

    On the plus side, you're comment was here and fairly recent and you visited even though it wasn't in response to a new post.

    So thanks for sticking with me. I will try to post soon and at least somewhat regularly after my AAYSR review "fiasco".

    I am going to take some of their advice though and not try to post as often as I was trying to before.

    Again, thanks for coming back even with my dry spell and especially thank you for leaving a comment so I knew you were here.


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