Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Post - Just Getting Started

Call me shallow, but I just re-signed up today after signing up and then not remembering it. LOL. Chickening out last time by signing up apparently but not creating the blog start, for only one reason. The shallow part.

But back to that in a bit. I should say that I signed up and didn't create anything last time because perhaps..., hell, because I really had nothing to say. Or just nothing I was willing to say at the time. Again back to that in a second.

First, lets rehash my shallowness. I signed in because it seemed like that was the only way to see content on another person's blog. Now that wouldn't be so bad but for the fact that the blog I wanted to see wasn't a certain blogger I had heard of - it was a certain bit of specific content.

Shameless celebrity trainwreck following! I signed up to watch the full version of the "Mariah Carey Drunk At Film Fest" footage. What kind of person am I? Well, actually that question brings me back to the second thing I said I'd get back to... That is my reason for not wanting to originally post.

Lets begin at the beginning...

I am a recently unemployed, single, 40'ish year old female who is completely tech unsavvy.

I joined Twitter about a year ago (at the end of this month I think) and still don't really get it. Have made probably 50 - 75 tweets and am followed by exactly 2 - 3 people I really know and 50 "people" total - most of whom are marketing something I think. I still have no idea now they found me. They are also the people I so-called follow. Along with a few celebrities and politicians and groups. M15 in Britian too I think (LOL) 10 Downing St for sure. The ST:TNG's Wil Wheaton and Former Clinton VP Al Gore. These were people & groups that randomly showed themselves when I signed up and looked somewhat interesting or at least recognizable.

I joined Facebook the previous September about a month before my 40 birthday. This was with the goal of getting 40 or so friends before that 40th birthday in a bit less than 40 days. LOL. Didn't quite succeed with that first goal. But did find a lot of people I went looking for and after I had discovered the "joy of randoms" I set a goal of 1000 "friends" that I later amended to a more reasonable goal of 500 "friends" which I have actually surpassed by about 25 - 50 or so. I understand Facebook a little better than Twitter but still don't get the point of all the app's. The games mostly seem dumb (although I got bribed with a free lunch - seriously! - into playing Farmville and actually kind of liked it for a while). I still have by far the smallest farm of all my "neighbors" though, of course. Mostly I use the chat feature and do quizes and check out profiles like the cyberstalker I am. LOL..

I was also diagnosed as "mildly" (paranoid) schizophrenic! That's the part that I was debating sharing.

However, since it determined my living arrangements after leaving my parents home at an absurdly old age (about 5 years ago when I got my late life diagnosis after a relatively brief nutcase period) it sort of seems like the kind of thing that would be the proverbial 300 pound baby pink elephant to try and dance around otherwise.

I live in a group home with 5 other ladies all with various "defects". I think we are all considered mentally ill or at least of impaired reasoning. I knew the illnesses/accidents that caused all my original roommates to be here but as they have left for one reason or another (death, worsening conditions, transitioning, politics etc) I have not been especially privy to my new roommates conditions. So far my roommates have all been fairly good. Knock on wood it stays that way. Because another change is underfoot. A roommate just left a few days after Christmas 2009.

As far as hobbies go I am pretty boring. I basically am a couch potato. I "hate" sports and exercising and "love" eating unhealthily and sedentary pursuits like reading and watching movies.

I used to be a huge old movie fan and have seen many films from the 30's to 50's but now that I actually have TCM and don't have to pay to rent them, like during a previous spell of unemployment when I watched the bulk of them, I now seem to prefer to watch recent releases of in theatre movies (always want what you don't have) which I will have to limit do to budget constraints! LOL. I am unemployed after all.

I guess now is as good a time as any to discuss that. My work history is sporadic at best because I never finished high school - I have a Grade 10 education, had confidence issues and of course was a psychiatric case just waiting to be diagnosed! I have worked as a clerk cashier, a telephone representative and, for a brief time, did clerical work, although not at the level I had planned/paid to train for - ie. did low level miscellaneous clerical work rather than the secretarial work I was supposed to. That's what happens when you take the short-cut sped up courses at private (read expensive, non-provincial) schools and have the aforementioned confidence problems. Oh well, for a mere $5000 dollars give or take (about 20 years ago!) I learned to type relatively fast. Or so I've been told. By non-typers. Well worth it! LOL.

Well I guess this is enough/more than enough information for a first go round. Next post will probably be a listing of movies &/or books of some sort, a little about my family (not much till I find out how they are with my newfound blogging - they are for the most part leery of the internet and probably with some good reason), and the daily goings on, such as they are, in "Vegetable House". Oh and my job hunting experiences in this new year and how that goes - maybe even a bit about favorite jobs or aspects of my jobs. Anyway bye for now and welcome to C.A.T.Stuff (which I guess also could use a little explaining - I'll do that next post and you can also get a hint now by looking at the end of the info in my header under the blog title. It's not that big a mystery).


P.S In setting this up I never did get the Mariah Carey video. Everything else on the guy's blog seems accessible but that. LOL. Figures. So I've just let the genie out of the bottle for nothing except, what exactly is it called... curiousity. The question is - will it kill the "C.A.T."?


  1. Hi Carmen,

    Congrats for your first post at your blog. It is very interesting.
    I'll try to read more CAT stuff in the future and leave you my comments, although my writing skills are still limited.


  2. Thanks for the comment and for being my first follower! I just used babelfish to translate your "about me" section from your blog (nice and small and "doable") but babelfish was only moderately helpful as usual.

  3. LOL I bet you didn't think I would actually read your blog LOL I am starting at the beginning and I am glad I did because now I understand the Vegetable House reference from your last post LOL

    It may take me a bit to get through your entire blog but I am gonna try :)


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