Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Top My Last Post ...

It's been 4 days now and the truth is I have no idea how to top my previous post. I will say though that that is not the reason for not writing on Saturday (2 days ago). I was at my mom's so the only computer was at the library and she said it was windy out so I didn't bother leaving the house!

I do have a bit of an idea for a contest though. I have seen on other blogs that some do periodic contests. That will have to wait a bit until I can post a picture (and I need to get the picture first. LOL). This contest might have a chance of toping the JLH post. I don't know how my friend Kevin will react though as the idea involves him quite directly. LOL.

Have talked to a number of FB friends who have pretty much all been very positive about my new blog. I guess that's why you call them friends! LOL. Seriously though I hope they are serious about liking it, it being funny, etc. as that is my only hope of attracting "randoms" from the "blogosphere". Sadly, I seem to be stuck at 4 "followers". I love them though! :)

Speaking of friends, I have a friend who I had once referred to online on FB in a note (one of only two I have posted) as my "copy and paste friend". She didn't want to be mentioned online. Sissy! She didn't even like being referred to that way. So when I mentioned having a blog she told me she didn't want to be on it. I reserve the right to refuse this request on the basis that it is stupid! LOL.

I mean, who doesn't love to be mentioned. Deep down I'm sure it was a backhanded way of getting mentioned. So I will do my bit by obliging BOTH requests AT THE SAME TIME. Wonder how I am going to manage that? Actually, no super powers are involved. LOL. I will just be telling y'all that her name rhymes with Schmenya Schmoleac. LOL.

Oh, and I have to give her credit for the last thing I will post in this particular message. She was the one who suggested that if I don't get around to posting every 2 days as I am trying to make a habit that I could do TWO posts for one day! GENIUS. That is why there are three little dots at the end of the title of this post and three little dots at the beginning of the next post's title...

... to be continued.


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