Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Module Finished!, 101 Things..., and An Open Diary

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So today I got my marks for the first of my Social Studies 20 modules. The picture I used to illustrate this post is a little misleading. LOL. I didn't do quite that well. No A+ for me this time. But I did get an A. Eighty-six percent. The A+ is my goal for subsequent modules. That's one reason for posting the picture.. The other is that is what was available. Mostly though, I am thinking of it as my goal. That (a goal) being something pretty unfamiliar to me. LOL. Well, not any longer hopefully.

Aside from the goal I've set for my Social Studies that is my first course towards eventually getting my Grade 12 Diploma, I guess I'm going to have to start getting used to having goals as I have also signed up on a website called the Day Zero Project which is the site where you do something called 101 Things In 1001 Days. It is a goal setting challenge that has a pretty self-explanatory title. 1001 Days is supposed to be about 2.75 years. The site claims that this is an optimum (as well as numerically catchy) amount of time.

In addition, I have just started a new blog (one that I am actually using!) on Open Diary. I am using it to answer the "5000 Question Survey" that I had come across a fairly long time ago on blogger but never made note of whose site it was on (so I don't know who to thank for giving me the idea to try it). When "Googling" 5000 Question Survey I was led to Open Diary. It seems the original was from there. Even though I originally placed to do it as a page/tab here I found (at least I think) that I had to be a member...

... to gain access to the survey. Regardless of whether that is actually true or not, it ended up working out for the better (or at least very well) because there is at least one thing that is different in a good (better!) way at the Open Diary site vs Blogger/Blogspot. That is that as a member there, there is an actual directory of other blogs and a friending feature. While I'm not sure that the friending feature adds much other than to remember whose blogs interest you (there is no following feature like here - I guess this is it!) I like the directory!

To read my first few portions of the 5000 Question Survey, which I am doing in the standard 50 question sections, go to Open Diary and search Carmen Tourney. My actual blog name on that site is C.A.T. Stuff 2.0 but you find it by searching for my name as that is how the directory works. If you do bother to check out that blog and the survey portions I have up so far (I started one week ago today) I would really appreciate it if you left a note (what they call comments on that site).


P.S. Other than posting my posts that I have under draft status from before my 200th post that count towards it but were not done this may (or may not! if I stop obsessing) be my last post till January. I had originally planned to have 106 posts for this year to match last years number since I noticed toward the end of November how close the counts were.

However, by posting twice today I am one over after I post my backdated posts which seem to show up in the overalll number of posts count but not the count on my archives. I think I will just possibly add a backdated post to last year to make it even. I know it's silly to care about things like this so much but as far as obsessions go, I guess this is a reasonably harmless one. LOL.

The C.A.T.

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