Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally! And It's Not Good News Either

Well it happened today. I was at work and a little after mid-way into the shift the shoe dropped. I was finally fired. I guess I knew it was coming but I hoped it would turn around. The advice that I got when they gave me "the talk" just a day less a week ago seemed to help at first but either I didn't keep up the mono-tone or the first day or two after was just a fluke.

The supervisor who had the job of firing me was extremely nice about it and even offered some advice on where to apply after asking my plans. He also offered a written reference which was decent considering I was only there just over two months. Finally, he told me that if I'm still looking for another job at the end of March/beginning of April I should come back and they will give me another try then.

I guess end of March/beginning of April is "bad selling reps season". LOL. At least I am trying to keep a sense of humor about it. But it really sucks since I really liked the job and the people. Especially the people. The job not so much I guess unless you consider being rejected c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y to be "fun".

Not only did the manager who fired me tell me that I was "too nice" to do well at the call(s) and not agressive enough but before those final moments, a newer co-worker (at least she was a co-worker at the time - lol) told me again for the second time maybe an hour before the ax fell told me the pretty much the same thing. Only it sounded more like a compliment even though I was smart enough to know that comments like that didn't bode well for my future.

Oh, as for the advice I got when I got canned - it was to apply at inbound call centers as opposed to outbound ones where my personality and demeanor would be a better fit. I think he is on to something. He even suggested Telus and one other higher end place (Epcor maybe, I can't remember). I said that that wouldn't work as I only had my Grade 10. He told me that based on the codes given the call center industry (ie. the labor market information center) it shouldn't matter. Good to know.

I will probably (if I don't get lazy/depressed) go job hunting sooner rather than later. Since I joined a new Toastmaster Club (The Peter Kossowan Communicators) that is relatively pricey I probably should. Joining the new club was one of two things I forgot to mention in my last (compilation) post. I remembered the other, along with the Toastmasters news just a day or less after posting but with the hullaballou of getting sacked I don't remember the other anymore.

I remember the Toastmasters because without a new job soon it will definitely cut into what little money I have after my other main bills each month. So if I don't find a call center job soon I may apply at places like Second Cup and Subway. At least there, not only would I be making a secondary income to cover things like Toastmasters, I would also be eligible for a title, such as it would be. Barrista or "Sandwich Artist" (lol) is likely the highest level I could attain with my limited skill set.

I don't know about the barrista thing. Coffee smells quite nice even if I rarely drink it (so the fringe benefits there would be limited!) but I think there is more heavy lifting there than at Subway. Also I must admit that "Sandwich Artist" although a rather tongue-in-cheek title appeals to me more than Barrista. I can see a rotund "Sandwich Artist" more than a Barrista. Barristas strike me as more the waifish/bohemian &/or edgy types.

Ultimately though, a job's a job. It remains to be seen where I'll land. Where exactly will my parachute take me and what color is it? I don't know yet. I will also probably make a trip in to see my occupational therapist Laura. She is the one who went with me when I applied at Xentel. Back when I thought it was harder to get hired and easier to stay hired than it turned out. LOL. This time I don't know if I'll bring Laura for moral support, if she is available, or not.

Even though it wasn't neccessary to getting on at Xentel, Laura was instrumental in giving me the confidence to apply for the job (any job) as she graciously did not one but several (at least two anyway) mock interviews and printed out the results of my answers to use as a reference point. If I do go to try at Telus, etc (which I probably will) this will definitely come in handy there as I have absolutely no doubt that I won't be getting hired at places like that without an interview (or two)

Somebody told me (possibly more than one somebody but definitely more than once) that you either start as a 411 operator when you start at Telus or that that is where you should try. I think that would be fun. Sadly, whether Telus or Epcor or some other places like that, I think many of them expect/demand that you work full-time hours. I really don't like that! But I guess I would try it, if neccessary. Maybe that is where Laura could come in. As a bit of a negotiator.

Anyway, there isn't much more to say on the subject until I get started. If anyone has any ideas of either call centers that I might like or other jobs that they think I might be good at please do leave a comment. "They" always say that it's your extended network of people (including everyone a person comes in contact with) that can help in a job search to make it shorter and more productive. I hope that is true for me. So bring on the tips and leads, etc. And wish me luck!


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