Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where Did Everyone Go?

This cartoon picture came from Yahoo Images via The owner of the blog is named Sam Brown and the blog is basically all drawings like this that he does when you send an email to the address provided with a caption that he then creates a picture for. Neat, huh?
Hi there. Just a short little post today since I just got home after my weekend away and I feel like going straight to bed. This post will just be a pathetic cry for attention that asks the question you see in the cartoon I found. "Where Did Everyone Go?".

I ask this because lately I have been getting not only a lot of new followers (newest one Satia is someone I thought was already a follower - lol) but also a reasonable amount of comments. Until the last few days that is. Where are you, people?

I miss you and all your comments already. Particularly because I have posted some public interest type stuff to help some (two actually) causes so I really would like some feedback on those articles especially. It's never to late to go read them and leave a comment. (Hint, hint!).


P.S. Sorry, I didn't mean to press the button. LOL.

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