Monday, June 17, 2019

Even More Happens In Five Years!

I'm back again! It remains to be seen for how long because I've learned from my last post (in 2014!), that was also my first post in about 2-1/2 years (hence the title of this post), it's a fool's game for me to assume I'm back for the long haul until that has been proven by actual physical evidence. LOL.

Lots has happened in that time in the world at large including innumerable celebrity deaths, royal weddings and royal babies and a host of movies the likes of which I of course was not able to see nearly as many as I would have wanted.

There have also been changes here at Blogger, and I might add, not for the better in my opinion. First and foremost there no longer seems to be the feature to come across random blogs. Before there was a spot at the top of your blog where random blogs would continuously show up to be clicked on.

Furthermore, I could be wrong about this but I think it was easier to follow them when you did find them. Then there's something that was wrong even when I left last time. The design of blogger was more visually attractive when I first started blogging. Case in point, the blogger's info page.

Finally, there have been personal changes. In the minor category, I have joined and become quite active on a site called Quora. It's like an upscale Yahoo Answers crossed with a blog. Feel free to join and follow me there.

In the major category, I am sorry to say that my Mom died back in 2015. In fact, it will be the 4th anniversary of her death in 10 days. She was 88. She died on her younger sister's birthday and then 6 months later her older sister died followed by that younger one 6 months after that 3 days after her own birthday.

With that all the remaining girls were gone and the 2 brothers had both died a few short years before my Mom. Basically, all the siblings (save the one twin of the youngest who died of brain cancer in the late 70's) died within about 5 years. It should have been expected but of course it wasn't.

As for what I plan to post now that I'm hopefully back for the long run (6 months ahead of schedule as I planned to come back by no later than my 10th anniversary of starting this blog - Jan 6, 2020), it will be more of the same. Random personal stuff that hopefully I can inject humor into.

I look forward to interacting with commenters if the people who chance across this blog would be so kind. I have some hope that this is a reasonable possibility since as I looked at recent stats it seems people still seem to be landing here more than could be expected being away so long.

So, to the people who are still actually theoretically following me (the numbers have naturally slipped), if you find yourself back here to see my new stuff, thank you for sticking with me / returning to the fold.

I hope this time around I can maintain and even increase the quality of my posts and that they are not only consistently being posted but also over many years. I've always been impressed by those bloggers who have posted lots and long term. Some for around 10 years!

Take care and wish me luck in this endeavor!


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