Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well today I'm also in a hurry so this will probably be short. Also in and of itself I think this is bound to be a pretty short post.

Just a little news on goodreads and webs.com as promised in my last post or the post before. Not much to say about webs as I am still at one friend/follower.

As for goodreads. I have gotten to 4 friends/followers already, have 111 books on my page (mostly to-read but about 10 - 15 read and 2 in progress) and I'm in a contest.

The contest is to win a copy of my 1st goodreads friend's, the author George C. King, book The Rupture which is a satire of The Rapture.

Unfortunately, the contest is not being judged by George but rather the goodreads crew so sucking up is not an option. LOL.

I also probably don't have much of a chance of winning because in the rules, etc it said the the winner would be picked (perhaps among other things - I can't remember) by the amount of books on their shelves.

Oh well, I guess I could hope for the best. That is assume they are looking for the person who has added most to their bookshelves lately. That would be more fair.

Anyway, regardless, wish me luck. That is to say, keep your fingers crossed.


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