Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Evening Blues

Hi there. It's Wednesday yet again. Second week in a row that I have waited a full week to post. Not much new and haven't really "gotten into" looking over my topics list to mine it for ideas. The blogging book I mentioned (twice now) about nobody caring about what I had for lunch is now due and is not renewable like the others on blogging are because it has an outstanding request on it so I won't get the chance (unless I request it again after returning it) to re-read it.

I could have done that before as I had read it quite early in the loan period but just never got to it as I was reading alot of other stuff as I said last week. In the last week I haven't really read much. Nothing from the 2 blogging books I said were harder to get into and only a chapter or two more from the Bill Clinton book Giving, even though I am liking that book.

As for what else is new - I just helped a friend celebrate her birthday the other day. She just turned 29. Getting close to the milestone 30th. She was freaking out a little. Wonder what 30 will bring on that note if 29 freaks her out this much. LOL. Actually, I should talk! I got fairly freaked out on my 25th(!) birthday. Kind of hard to believe that that was almost 20 years ago.

Also, sent out about 15 to 20 Easter cards. After the death of my brother-in-law about a month ago I got a bit - can't really think of the word... - sentimental for lack of a better one, and bought a boatload of cards for the next upcoming holiday which was Easter when I was looking for a card for him to send at the end.

Hope that it brightens the people (mostly family and a few friends) day getting an unexpected card for the holiday as I spent a small fortune on them. I won't be doing that again for awhile - mainly cause I can't. It would be nice if I could.

Speaking of having the day brightened by a unexpected (or at least somewhat unexpected) card I got on myself - from my mom. Apparently, when I called to thank her, it came the same day as my card to her arrived.

Also, on the Easter front I will be going home to Mom's this weekend to be part of watching all the little great-grandkids color Easter eggs. Mom has had them over every year for the past several. It's always fun to see.

This year, the oldest one who is 14 I think has decided not to bother. He will be going to his mom's for the weekend. Oh well, I guess childhood doesn't last forever. The youngest is about 2-1/2 so she will be into it for many years to come.

Other than Easter, only two other random bits of news. First, my friend Kevin who I mentioned in a previous post or two on the would be Kevin Contest is on the outs with me and another friend of ours. He claims we are too boring. LOL. Probably true, but still I hope he has a change of heart about the "don't call me, I'll call you" message he gave us (literally). After all, we have been friends for about 5 years now.

The second random bit of news regards my first totally random follower on this blog. Scott is his name, if you had forgotten (I did mention him at the time he came on board).

I had meant to send him a message asking how he found me/why he picked me to follow and I just never got it done. Till today. So if he replies I will share a little bit about that perhaps.

Anyway, that is about all for now. Hopefully the "Inspiration Fairy" will some and sprinkle a little of her fairy dust on me in the coming days and I will post more often starting in April which is upon us as of tomorrow. So that is my "New Month's Resolution".


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