Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Hate Little Kids

So, ok, the truth is I don't hate all little kids. Just some of them. One in particular. And the thing is I don't even know him. I know, I know. This makes me a very bad person. Nevertheless, it's true.

It all started about a week ago. I was minding my own business (yeah right - lol) and was taking a bus to a friends house. I was almost there when it happened. I have never been more disgusted in my life. Ok, so I am laying it on a little thick, but it was annoying.

About a dozen stops before I get off I notice this little kid, a boy, that was between 5 and 7 years old. He was with his dad. And he had his thumb in his mouth. Yes, that is correct, his thumb in his mouth. A kid who was between FIVE and SEVEN years old. Disgusting.

Perhaps, not all of you share my distaste (disgust) for this scene. But let me remind you he looked to be between FIVE and SEVEN. What in the world are parents doing letting their kids do that, and in public no less, at that age. My niece's two year old daughter isn't even allowed to do that, for God sake.

So tell me, slight over-reaction on my part (still sickened and annoyed thinking about it) or completely normal reaction by a sane and normal adult. Readers you be the judge.



  1. Another habit to blame on the parents. It is disgusting considering where kids put their hands, but they also get a bigger thumb and one bad overbite. It's cute when their little, but 7 is way too old! I don't think too much of it if its someone else's kid though.

  2. Who knows, probably he wanted a delicious Slurpee... LOL.


  3. I agree with you C.A.T. Thumb sucking should never be allowed at any age! Thats why that little soother thingy was invented and that is even discouraged past 6 months because that is when the teeth are beginning to make their first appearance. Parents who encourage thumb sucking at the age of the boy described have issues of not wanting their "baby" to grow up and will probably end up paying a fortune in therapy as this young man gets older. GOOD CALL!

  4. Thanks for the vindication Spin (Mark), FJ and Maureen. I love you! LOL.

  5. If you love me so much get on facebook. I want to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!


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