Monday, May 31, 2010

What You Talking 'Bout, Willis!

I haven't posted for a week and a day now and last tried one day short of a week ago (on Tuesday). It seems that when I came home from my usual weekend outing last week (Monday was a holiday) and tried to log in on Tuesday my computer wouldn't log on to the internet. From what the "trouble message" says it is a connection error.

I may have knocked something loose. But the place where it would likely have happened I checked and all seems fine so I hope all is fixed quite easily when my "computer guy" friend comes to check it on Tuesday (the earliest he could do it).

Anyway, on to today's rather short post. I decided to post today (at the library) because I only had 11 posts for the month up until now. As I have said before, I like it better when the posts "match" more month-wise.

So it seems that Gary Coleman has died. Not a big surprise really as he has been in poor health for many years now but still sad. Turns out he was my age. Interestingly enough, Todd Bridges just wrote a memoir/biography. I wonder if Gary Coleman was interviewed about it before he died.

I just went to to read a little about him and it said (surprisingly, I think) that Different Strokes went on for about 8 years! It also mentioned that both the late Bob Hope and the late Lucille Ball were Gary Coleman fans.

Before Different Strokes, he got his start in tv. commercials. After the show ended and his career went downhill (although during the time of his popularity he was the star of several child centered films). The last movie he was reported to be in was a sad little, low-budget explotation film called Midgets vs. Mascots from 2009.

Oddly enough, he didn't die of a kidney disease related illness, it was a fall and bump on the head. Sad.



  1. I used to watch Blanco y Negro (Spanish title for Diff'rent Strokes). Funny show. I liked Arnold's expressions (and his catchphrase, although I heard it dubbed LOL).


  2. Yeah FJ, I got a kick out of the catchphrase too, as you can see by my title (so original!) LOL.


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