Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Novel Concept: Service Rats

On April Fools Day I was reading the free local newspaper Metro and it mentioned something very interesting and cute.  I don't believe it was a joke however. It was about how rats (looked more benign to me - like a cute little mouse) could be used as service animals too. LOL.

Seriously. It seems that the little critter is of use to the woman mentioned in the article (which I lost so I can't even check if it included her name) as a way to tell ahead of time if she is going to have a seizure.

When I first saw the picture - complete with the small rat wearing a little version of one of those "don't touch me, I'm a service animal" vests - I thought the service an animal as small as a rat/mouse (tiny little guy) could perform would be smelling for a on-coming diabetic coma but ...

... the story said it was for seizures. Cool or what. What just absolutely "made" the story was the adorable picture of him in his "work clothes". LOL. Can you imagine running into someone with one in your daily travels? That would be the day to have a camera/camera phone on you for sure!


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