Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back To Work

Yesterday I talked about NaBloPoMo and how I was going to try it this month. I also committed to posting daily without backdating. Well, there is one exception to that. It won't affect honestly posting every day.

What happened is for April 1 anyway and possibly like the previous 2 months (when it was easier because I was backdating) I may post on a 2 a day schedule on 1 week followed by a 1 a day schedule for the next week and then repeat.

Because I am using library computers while my computer is being fixed I did my post yesterday before signing up for NaBloPoMo so if there were any problems with the sign up I would still get my post done on time, which I did (the NaBloPoMo post).

However, in my hurry to get done before my library time was up and ideally get officially signed up (you can do that for the first few days after the month starts - you just have to have been posting on time beforehand) I neglected to notice the second post for the day which I actually wanted to post ahead of it (the Look It's A Squirrel - April Fools post).

Since I did have one done I think I'm ok. in my books doing this and really that's all that counts in a "non-official month. Now on to the topic at hand. Since I had to go to Best Buy with the computer yesterday (and again today as it turned out) I didn't get to go to Xentel to re-apply like I had planned to at the very beginning of the month.

Therefore, I have decided to go on the first Monday of April (the 4th) which is exactly one week before my 42.5 birthday (I celebrate half year birthdays at "critical junctures"). The 42.5 birthday being a critical one because it means I am 1/4 of the way through my 40's and heading into my 50's. Yikes. Hopefully that will be a good omen for applying.

Jatin did say I should come back and apply and that he would hire me back. It seems odd that I would need to officially re-apply but then again maybe not. Actually it does. Why not just fill out the legal paperwork and leave it at that if he was definitely going to hire me again as he seemed to say. So hopefully it is a sure thing like I was lead to believe.

If not then I will try the Heart & Stroke Fund like Debbie suggested although that is only short-term. I also met another old Xentel worker, Tim on the bus from Best Buy today (he lives in the area, one that I would never otherwise be in). He told me to try Regional Maple Leaf when I told him I wanted a central location. I think he thinks I'm nuts going back to Xentel considering the pay, etc. but he never actually said it. LOL.

So basically I'm saying here that hopefully in the next few days I will be working again. So I'd just like to ask you all to cross your fingers for me as I spent a bit of money on the computer (it was a warrantied problem but I needed anti-virus protection renewed).



  1. Hi Carmen! I was reading your Saturday, April 2nd post again today. Great post! It's the blog where you talk about going back to Xentel and about meeting your friend, Tim, on the bus. It sounds like you are making alot of long-term career plans. That's great, Carmen. By the way, thanks for treating me to supper at Montana's, it was fun and delicious!

    I am trying to check your blog at least twice a week now. I hope you are enjoying being back at work. Call me when your computer is done and I'll go pick it up with you. I am free in the mornings and I have Fridays off. Did you manage to talk to someone on the phone at Best Buy yet?

    Nick is feeling alot better now. He was sick the last time I talked to you. I hope you are still able to go to the Easter Musical on Sunday(and over for cake and ice cream at our place afterwards) with possibly your Mom and friend, too. I'll call you Saturday or you can call me - either way. That's all for now. Take Care, and good luck with NaBloPoMo!

    Karen Chamchuk

  2. So Anonymous/Karen Chamchuk (ROTFLMAO), one quick question to start - why didn't you just sign in as Karen Chamchuk. Karen, Karen, Karen. You are so funny. LOL.

    I am writing this after we went to Best Buy and the Easter Musical. Thanks for helping me pick up my computer. The idea of taking it on public transit or walking around with it after having my purse stolen right out of my hands (and frankly even before that) is not a pleasant one. Enjoyed the musical. So did Mom. Too bad Katherine couldn't make it. Dessert was very nice. Thanks again and especially for making something extra special. As for Montana's - you more than deserved treating but you're welcome. Oh and thank you for taking me out to lunch then later.

    As for NaBlPoMo, I'm sure you would have already noticed if I hadn't told you when I saw you last but it became a no go because of the computer problems and needing to go to the library daily.

    Carmen Tourney-Not the least bit anonymous (LOL)


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