Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Contest ... with a Prize Even!

Hi people. Well I hit a bit of a wall. I was wondering what to post when I asked my FB friend Francisco (FJ). He had just been commenting that although I now have 18 official followers, he about the only one who ever comments (EVEN THOUGH ENGLISH IS NOT HIS FIRST LANGUAGE).

So his suggestion, which I think is quite a good one, is to have a contest re: comments. He didn't suggest any rules but he did suggest a little prize (the only prize I can afford! - LOL) - a postcard. It's not much but I promise to liberally brag about you being the official winner of a honest to goodness online contest in it.

So here are my rules - for a little over a month - from now until the end of March anyone who posts comments will have them added up and the winner will, well you know, win! LOL. Sound simple. Good. And may the best of my followers win! Let the games begin. LOL.


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