Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day!

Hello everybody. Guess what! Just after writing that I had 13 followers in my last post, I made a dramatic jump up to 17 within hours of posting. Yay "Team Carmen". LOL.

Well, Sunday is Valentines Day. On Friday, the movie Valentines Day comes out. I talked a reluctant friend into joining me at the near opening (we are going on Saturday). She doesn't like romantic comedies much but I appealed to her sense of friendship, as I thought even 2 girls going together to a Valentines movie would look better than a single going! LOL.

I'm looking forward to the all-star cast in the movie. Some people are saying that is a tip-off that it will be really bad, but I am optimistic. Maybe I'll review it, next week. LOL.


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  1. I don't usually watch romantic comedies, but I'll wait for your comments of the movie.


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