Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lowest Of The Low

So I watched the Sarah Ferguson interview on Oprah. Not much to say except sheesh. That Oprah. Makes me wonder. She has all these scandal besieged people on like The Duchess of York (former? - I don't know why she still gets to use the title since they are divorced - what would a new wife be called?) and scum-bag extraordinaire Rielle Hunter. She seems to imply that she wants to get to the root of things with them but she always does the Oprah "touchy-feely" thing at some point in the interview - feeding them answers when they get stuck.

Anyway, on this particular would-be sobfest the hour plods along amazingly slowly (I can't remember if the Rielle Hunter show was as bad - perhaps my mind has mercifully forgotten!) with Sarah (if I may be so informal) repeating herself again and again and not really getting to the heart of things at times imho.

Fast forward to the end of the interview and gosh golly, if St. Oprah's halo doesn't slip a bit. Near the very end she tells Sarah that when she (Oprah) saw the tape of "the Duchess" trying to broker her ex-husband, Prince Andrew she (Oprah again) thought she was seeing someone (Sarah) who was spiritually and morally b-a-n-k-r-u-p-t. Like I said before, sheesh.

Talk about arrogant. Even if what the former? Weight Watchers guru did was wrong (really wrong even since the prince is apparently now a trade rep and so the transgression was not simply arranging for access to a celebrity but to a government official - of sorts anyway) Oprah seemed pretty high and mighty at that point. To me, that is for sure.

Although this happened at the end of the interview and Oprah's (self) righteous indignation (stated so matter-a-factly) seemed unchallengingly the nadir of the interview, it did in fact get worse. Much worse. After Oprah said this, Sarah, in high self-flagelation mode actually replied to that which I consider spitting in her face from nicey nice Oprah that it was brilliant (actually the word she used wasn't brilliant - it was genius!). She actually had this weird smile on her face as she called Oprah's over-the-top characterization of her "genius".

Talk about a sad end to a sad episode. In more ways than one. Any thoughts from anyone else who saw the same interview.


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  1. I have never watched Oprah's talk show, but I think I wouldn't like to be interviewed by her! LOL


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