Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Lovers and Haters" - The Same Person!

Hello people. I am back after a break of several days licking my wounds. It appears this post was done on Thursday, but it was in fact the first of several done on Monday. My dirty little secret of time-stamping a post in draft having been revealed before.

Anyway, as I said, I was off licking my wounds after having read a frequent reader comment on the most recent post "Pimp My Blog". I'd like to think I have a pretty thick skin (like a rhinoceros) but the truth is not as far as my baby goes. It stung. Sob. LOL.

Actually, it was a fairly innocuous criticism that the post was a bit like an "instruction manual" for my blog. Which strictly speaking was true. But after the love bombing I received from several of my readers over the past little while that the comments have been coming regularly, it was a bit sad for me to read.

I guess if I "put on my big girl panties" it's not really the worst thing that could have happened. A little constructive criticism never hurt anyone (I think?). And she did end it with the heartening "love ya".

One thing I will say in my defense is that another site I happened to catch sight of recently (at about the same time I read the comment) was listing/talking about a new feature on their blog (a movie themed blog). So I have some company. Always a good argument.

Another thing that was nice was (and this is where the title of this post comes from) after returning from a weekend away from home (and the computer), I got a pm in my FB account that was from the above mentioned commenter. In it she asked if I was on vacation and stating that she was waiting for my next blog posting. Yay! A fan.

So, what dear readers have I learned from this. Well first of all, that I need a new pair of big girl panties. LOL. Second, that maybe, just maybe I need to "step it up" a bit in my topic selection from time to time.


  1. C.A.T. skip the thick panties...go commando! I love your writing! As I have confessed, I get up each morning and sit down with my first coffee of the day to see what you have to say. Perhaps the comment was a bit harsh and if I caused you ANY agony, I am VERY sorry! I made the comment because of the gadgets that you put up wanting to know what was liked about or reations to the blog entry. My opinion is that, yes, you could have done better on that one entry. Most of your blog entries are interesting, comical and filled with attitude! Thats why I spend that very important first coffee of the day with you. (That will change however if I suddenly wake up with Brad Pitt in my bed). So, my dear friend, write on! Your blog is about your thoughts not mine!

  2. :) Thanks Maureen. Mostly I was just "mock-whining" so I'd have something to write about! :) Somedays my inspiration is pretty sparse. LOL.

    But I will admit that if I only get positive comments I won't be that upset about any lack of objectivity on the part of my friends reading my posts. LOL.

    Thanks for the comment. Also thanks for reading my so "religiously". As for Brad Pitt, you could do better. (Bradley Cooper or Vince Vaughn for example).


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