Sunday, February 28, 2010

Standing For Something

Today is a bit of a different posting day. It's not an officially scheduled one. I decided that since I was at 11 posts and today was the last day in February I would try to have 12 posts for each month (just like January) that I have been blogging. Tomorrow, at the start of March, I will be approaching my 2 month anniversary as a blogger.

Personally I don't think I'm doing too bad, being at between 20 and 25 followers as of yesterday, which was a good day for adding followers. But that is not the focus of my post today. Today being a Sunday, I will be going to a church. This is not a especially usual thing lately and also considering the experiences that I briefly described within the body of the potpourri of yesterdays post.

But Unitarians are not your average religious community and I had been feeling that my self imposed exile due to my own shortcomings as I believe I mentioned in a previous post about the relationship between the minister and myself were firmly in the past.CNot to mention, the subject of the "sermon" - Standing for Something. Like the title says.

So what about Standing for Something. Well, the service is about the direction of the church in terms of the Social Action Committee and where we as a congregation would position ourselves. With a single cause or a "less limiting" position. As the service bulletin says, talking about the pros and cons of getting "more focused" as opposed to being active in all the areas we have been known for such as GLBT rights, SUPPORTING REFUGEES, and various other projects.

This topic appealed to me especially. Since I have come into contact through my FB activities with a person from Eygpt who claims religious persecution and has oddly or perhaps desperately asked for the help of a near total stranger (a FB "random") who he immediately upon talking to set out to seek help from. Even with no knowledge of any special ability to help in this kind of cause.

In a naive and possibly stupid attempt to be "polite" and not just tell this person that I should hardly be expected to be his saviour, I said I would ask a more appropriate person - the minister of my social action oriented church and a man of great education and intelligence I am sure, to see what he thought about his situation which was rather sketchily drawn to boot.

I was very annoyed and conflicted about this and mentioned it to my mother, whose advice was to stay out of it. Possibly very good advice since this gentlemen claimed to be hindered in an attempt to leave Egypt as a Coptic Christian because all people from his area were seen as potential terrorists. A possibly true but rather broad accusation that could have been disingenious. Hence my & my mothers wary feelings.

But I decided that just as he could be a bald faced liar, he could also be telling the truth and if he was telling the truth and desperate enough to push himself onto a stranger than perhaps it was worth "passing the buck" and letting it go forward one level for a judgement on the worthiness/likely sincerity of the plea.

It was settled when I read the focus of the service on the very day I promised to make an attempt. Clarifying the social justice angle and specifically referring to refugees I felt was a sign that I needed to open my heart a bit to take a chance on someone and put myself in a potentially embarrassing situation. I decided to stand for compassion and the benefit of the doubt. Especially since the vetting could be done at the next level.

As I write this, on my second, mostly sleepless night I wonder where it will end. And if it will end before it even begins with an embarrassed denial of the initial request. I will keep you posted on where this goes as with Haiti and Chile (and my small new tie to the latter as mentioned before) I think, despite my intention NOT to think about it that it must be done.

So to my readers, I ask for your feedback on this situation as poorly elaborated as it is. Am I a sucker or is this a moral duty? Advice and opinions are greatly appreciated and will be seriously considered. Obviously what would "Jesus" do is less my interest than what would YOU do?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lots To Talk About Today!

Hi everybody. Today I have oodles to talk about. So much so, that I think I'll overflow (Hey that even rhymes!). So this will be a bit of a potpourri post.

First of all, since my last post was about a very sad and painful subject and so as not to jump all around on bad news and good news (relatively speaking) I will first mention that my FB friend FJ or Francisco Javier Moreno is from Chile so he was affected by the big earthquake. Apparently it was 8.8 at the epicenter which was only 200 miles away from him and his wife Francesca Lores Malonek.

I have to admit to being pretty dense when I asked my usual first FB chat question of "How are you?". I don't follow wars or natural disasters so I blew past the Chilean earthquake news on yahoo. All that registered was there was a big earthquake "somewhere". Didn't want to know more. Don't like following enormous events of catastrophic consequences as it seems so hopeless. So sorry, Francisco. for not even realizing you were in danger.

To all my blog followers who are FB friends too, if you were part of the FB make friends groups that Francisco and I met through as well then consider following his English speaking blog too as I have requested he tell about his personal experiences. The address is

For all my blogger/blogspot followers that are FB friends, if you happen to be a friend through the FB make friends groups that me and Francisco met through please consider reading his blog at Then we will know about the personal story and the doable stuff and can support him as a individual friend.

The second unpleasant thing to happen since the last posts horribly unpleasant news is that a dear friend and I had a h-u-g-e fight today. Hopefully not a friendship ending one but it feels catastrophic. It was over some very serious issues. Hopefully we will be talking again in about a weeks time or less.

On the happier front, the news is much smaller and not so important as the bad stuff but it is still good news. First of all, I have to say I am at "22" followers. That number includes a stat bloop but still, it also includes 2 new followers, no actually it's 3. I forgot someone who I also know from FB that just joined within the hour.

The 2 people that I first mentioned are different from all my other followers including the last one. Or at least 1 of the 2 is for certain. That difference is that that 1st new follower from earlier today whose name is Scott is a total random. That is to say that he is not anyone I have directed here myself. He found his way here on his own, presumably from blogger/blogspot. The first person to independently choose to follow me. Yay.

The 2nd person to join today is named Beverly and she may or may not be a FB random. Of course, she could, like Scott be a total random. I have messaged her to see. Hopefully she will respond. Regardless of course it is nice but the total randoms tell me that I can get people I don't know. The measure of a truely successful blog, I think.

The 3rd and final person who is definitely a FB random friend is named Randy (Attention Whore) or should I say fellow attention whore. LOL. I joined Randy's blog on Blogger/Blogspot too but I should tell you that he is now basically on a different site for the most part called, I believe, Multiply. Nevertheless, if you want to check him out here his address is and remember that there are 3 b's in scribbbs.

The rest of the news is quite random and can serve as fodder for subsequent posts perhaps after a brief mention. First of all, I take some pride in successfully downloading the application limewire yesterday night. The pride is because as I probably have pointed out I am basically technologically illiterate. That is why the blog has only words and no pictures or bell and whistle add on's (yet - I am determined to eventually try to add some).

There was a fly in the ointment though. It seems either limewire as a (in my case) free service is quite virus-ridden and is the reason my computer has kept crashing repeatedly today. I was also willing to blame it on the toolbar I added called add-it I think (don't know as I deleted it when the problems continued "to be better safe than sorry"). Unfortunately, this companion to limewire (yes they are somehow connected I think) when it came off allowed limewire to add itself as a toolbar against my express wishes. It just appeared! And with no delete button unlike the other toolbars. So limewire is likely the problem.

This is a problem as I like the service itself despite the annoyance of not being able to find a delete method for songs that wrongly get downloaded. They are like a would-be old boyfriend or girlfriend that won't go away! If anyone here is more computer savvy than me, please suggest a way to delete these without deleting the whole program and my new library of songs that I spent a great deal of time downloading and don't want to lose regardless.

I guess my Toastmasters training should have taught me about the sandwich method of speaking. Good, bad, more good. Because in spite of my best intentions to talk about the bad news first the limewire thing was a mixed blessing. A very mixed "blessing".

Not to mention I forgot about another fairly big bad thing/annoyance. I was told by a friendly acquiantance who I have daily contact with about a free concert of "Cuban music" to be held at a Chinese Baptist Church as the venue. When I got there I quickly realized from the powerpoint presentation displayed while we waited for it to start that it was actually a "gospel extravaganza" or something. Bait and switched. The music was more christian rock than cuban too. Highly repetitive highly "religious" music where phrases were repeated ad nauseum.

The worst part was that I brought two friends. One of whom has a daughter who I had just the day I asked her to this "Cuban" music event told me was now in a cult. Added to my distaste for "he is merciful, he saves" message when someone in my immediate family is most likely suffering greatly at his end. And I never was too convinced of the message before either. Needless to say, two of us left early when near the end (the last 1/2 hour or so) they got to the praying and the saving.

In fairness, one of the speakers (another sore point - there was preaching along with the religious "Cuban" music) did say just before we left that if you didn't believe not to feel the need to say you did but then again it was rather disingenious I would not doubt as to what went on in the last 1/2 hour.

We ended up in a bar where I treated my neighbor friend to a drink to apologize for the totally upsetting under the circumstances dishonesty. Thankfully, as we talked a little more about her situation she seemed to get some of the stuff off her chest and along with the drink and another she bought for herself while I was finishing mine she said when we got home that she felt a little better. Said the drinks definitely washed away some of the bitterness of the message and the dishonesty.

Well, I guess this will be a reverse sandwich with a dollop of good tacked on top as I will leave you with the fact that along with my music downloads I did a lot of catching up on my blogs I supposedly follow all approximately 250 of them. LOL. And odd news reading on yahoo. And a conversation with a different friend than the one I had the major falling out with who coincidentally was the 2nd one at the "revival". She told me (or rather re-told a story I had forgotten) about a humorous situation with a young nephew that along with the copious blog and odd news reading will provide fodder for many a blog of mine in the next while I hope.

So that, finally, is that. See you in about two.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Contest ... with a Prize Even!

Hi people. Well I hit a bit of a wall. I was wondering what to post when I asked my FB friend Francisco (FJ). He had just been commenting that although I now have 18 official followers, he about the only one who ever comments (EVEN THOUGH ENGLISH IS NOT HIS FIRST LANGUAGE).

So his suggestion, which I think is quite a good one, is to have a contest re: comments. He didn't suggest any rules but he did suggest a little prize (the only prize I can afford! - LOL) - a postcard. It's not much but I promise to liberally brag about you being the official winner of a honest to goodness online contest in it.

So here are my rules - for a little over a month - from now until the end of March anyone who posts comments will have them added up and the winner will, well you know, win! LOL. Sound simple. Good. And may the best of my followers win! Let the games begin. LOL.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

90 Seconds and 20 Points

Ok so today I go to church for the first time in a long time. When I get there I notice my regular place in the back center aisle is now a reserved section for people with small children. So I move 1 row up and take the aisle seat. As people start filling up the church (which is quite full now that we only have one service not two) I notice something. I have picked quite a good seat for myself.

Not only do I have a view of the cute little "rescue" dog that one lady is allowed to bring to services (by "rescue" dog I think she meant he was rescued himself from abuse - he is a little skittish) that is directly across from me, but I also have a view of a even cuter baby in the row just ahead of the dog.

So I decide to mention my good fortune during the candles ceremony. Now let me tell you there were a lot of candles lit - both silent and commemmorated. Anyway, on the way out of the service two different people comment on my observation. One in the foyer was a man I knew, Horst, and one on the street after leaving the church who I had never met. So I guess 10+ years of Toastmasters paid off. LOL.

That was the good news (that and a pretty decent service that talked about the choices we make and the randomness of outcomes along with the need to nevertheless make the best, most authentic choices possible). The not so good news of the day (relatively speaking!) was that if life is a "numbers game" then today I lost.

First, walking to the bus stop I ended up missing my bus that runs every half hour by 90 seconds! How do I know this with such accuracy? Well, in my geeky desire to distract myself from the annoyance of watching my bus leave with me about 1/2 block away, I timed from when the doors closed and it pulled out of the stop to when I got to the bus shelter. 90 seconds! Arrgh.

Next up, when I got to my mom's place where I had stayed over the night before after visiting a friend as I usually do most Saturdays I played a game of rummy with her as I had suggested we do after we got back from our respective churches (mine the Unitarian Universalist, hers the United and ours from the past being Lutheran!). Well, just my luck I start out really bad, come back quite well but lose by only 20 points. 20 points! Arrgh again. And we were both over 500.

I guess though, my Sunday could have been worse as I did make the bus beautifully on the way there, was able to find an in-order bank machine at the second stop during my relatively short wait for the bus so I could get money for both offering and a magazine which I had bought in case I might miss the bus! LOL. But like I said if life were a numbers game I would have lost - and not by much! Which oddly enough, mirrored the ministers sermon point using the Olympics among other examples to show how even in spite of our best efforts we can lose by this much &/or our best efforts and intentions.

So I guess I got my money's worth out of the sermon. LOL. Although, I would have rather been like the example of the person who drinks and smokes and gambles and lives to be rich and to a ripe old age rather than like the examples of the responsible savers who lost much of their retirement income to the markets or the Olympian who lost by 0.98 secs to come in 15th!

I guess I should remember the dog and the baby though. That was nice. And my bad examples really do pale next to the ministers examples.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Something Kinda Funny Happened On The Way To The Blog!

So I was talking to a (guy) friend and I asked him if he had any ideas for what to write in today's blog entry. He actually came up with something. A pretty funny idea too I thought especially for it coming to him so quickly after I asked.

He said I should write about My Struggle with Anorexia!

For anyone who knows me - that is quite funny (well as funny as anorexia can be). I weigh slightly less than Shamu. I told another friend (a girl) and she didn't find it funny at all. Well that's not exactly true. She did laugh. But then she asked if I was mad at him. She said she would be. I said I was a (much) better person than she was! LOL.

Anyway, that's my little story for today, folks. See you in two.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Just A Craft Project! LOL

Hi everybody. Today's post was almost the shortest on record! It's a good thing there is an edit feature. I typed in my title and hit enter and voila - a "post".

Anyway, the post today will probably be short (but not that short. I am going to share a little story about a friends funny comment about my blogging.

So, if you have been reading this blog from the beginning you know about the Jennifer Love Hewitt's Vagina post (#4 from Jan 2010). Well, I was playing around with the blogger site and found in the settings I think a place where you could decide whether or not to mark your site as having adult content. I remembered that there was a momentary objection by some nameless, faceless soul to (presumably) the JLH vagina post so I thought maybe I should click on the adult content setting.

I go to post something the next time I'm on (a comment on a friends blog) and I try to resign in to my blogger and I get an extra step - the adult content button brings up. I thought it would just alert people to it or be a filter but NO it was an actual extra step you had to take to sign in to see my blog. So I deleted the feature.

What was funny (I thought anyway) was that when I told my friend I mentioned earlier about it she said that one little article referring to JLH's vagina didn't make for adult content IN FACT it was just a little craft project. LOL. Maybe it's just me but that cracked me up. And when you think about it, it's really true! LOL


Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Yet Icky

Hi everyone. As promised my post today is on Valentine's Day, the movie. All in all it was pretty good. Not great but definitely not bad.

My friend who doesn't like romantic comedies said it was ok or something similar. But then she said too that it profitted from her coming into it with low expectations LOL.

I liked it probably a little more. Like I said it wasn't great or anything but it definitely had it's moments. I think Anne Hathaway played her part quite well considering it could have been really difficult to watch her character considering what she played.

One funny thing about the movie was that there were about 4 instances I counted when the final movie didn't match the scene in the previews. Four times! Crazy.

The young boy in the film was quite cute. I must say his scenes in the previews were a little funnier though. Weird that they changed them. But in seeing the movie I guess I can understand why.

As for what made the film "Sweet yet Icky" as the title says... it was a specific scene rather than the whole movie. I won't ruin the surprise if you plan to see it but I will tell you it is near the very end and it involves Bradley Cooper.

Well, that's my review. Check it out for yourselves and leave a comment on what YOU thought about it.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day!

Hello everybody. Guess what! Just after writing that I had 13 followers in my last post, I made a dramatic jump up to 17 within hours of posting. Yay "Team Carmen". LOL.

Well, Sunday is Valentines Day. On Friday, the movie Valentines Day comes out. I talked a reluctant friend into joining me at the near opening (we are going on Saturday). She doesn't like romantic comedies much but I appealed to her sense of friendship, as I thought even 2 girls going together to a Valentines movie would look better than a single going! LOL.

I'm looking forward to the all-star cast in the movie. Some people are saying that is a tip-off that it will be really bad, but I am optimistic. Maybe I'll review it, next week. LOL.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky Number 13

I was just at a friends the other day and we were playing cards. Rummy. I just started to play with her (she is an old hand so to speak). I thought I was getting good. I once beat her by 400 points (going to 1000). However, this last time really disgusted me! LOL. Talk about getting beaten. The final score was 1060 (her) to 10! (me). Unbelievable.

The funny thing was, as we were playing (towards the beginning) when I was seriously in the minus numbers I actually said to her (no word of a lie) I'll just bet you end up with 1000 and me with something like 10. Crazy, huh. Even crazier than the score itself (which was pretty hard to beat for that).

Another funny thing. One time when we played I went out with one single big run! I told her I wanted extra points for that. She just laughed at me! Other than the 1060/10 debacle I must say I love playing rummy now. It's funny because I never wanted to play before. Winning a few hands changed my mind. LOL.

Anyway from unlucky numbers (10!) to lucky ones (13). I have my 13th follower as of tonight. Yay. And this is only post number 15.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

February is Black History Month

Hello everybody (all 12 of you! - LOL). Well, not much to write today. Not exactly true but I guess I just don't feel like it much. So I will post a little something about Black History Month. I read a book (it might have been during last years BHM - I think so) called Small Island by Andrea Levy (according to a search to confirm the title it is her 4th novel. She is apparently an award winning author). I don't feel like giving a little blurb on it but if you search it there is an extract of it on her website. I thought it was quite good as far as I remember. It was set in the late 40's &/or early 50's.

Another book you might want to read to celebrate BHM is called Inheritors of the Spirit: Mary White Ovington and the Founding of the NAACP. This book is one of the reasons if not the main reason I think I found the Unitarian Church. Even though it doesn't figure into the story that much in terms of volume it does in terms of power. It really seemed to me that that religion was a big part of the reason this upper middle class white woman became part of this cause. Also a very good book as I remember it.


Friday, February 5, 2010

So, My Rats Died Sometime Today.

Hello there. It's been about 6 days now so I am quite deficient about writing in my blog lately. I have a bit of an excuse though. For the first few days I had computer problems. I won't go into that now (maybe I'll whine about it later when I have more time - LOL).

I have a dinner date of sorts and am running late so I was looking for inspiration for a little topic on my blogroll or whatever it is called. The first one that came up was something called My Awesomely Boring Life or something like that. That appealed. Sounded familiar. LOL. Anyway, the second post was a v-e-r-y short one which read, in it's entirety, So, My Rats Died Sometime Today. LOL.

I'm not laughing that his (assumedly) pets died. Just that it sounded so brief and ridiculous. I mean who has pet rats. I guess I wish I did. Then I could write justifiably short posts. Maybe, I'll buy myself a hamster. Just kidding. Anyway, gotta go. Will write more (probably) next time. Maybe a little something about Black History Month which started February 1st.