Thursday, June 10, 2010

Letters To Juliet

Well, as promised the other day after a fashion, I decided to do two posting today too. This will probably (though not necessarily if I really get going - LOL) be short. I say this because the movie that I saw and will be talking about, Letters To Juliet was one I saw about two weeks ago already so it is not as fresh in my mind as it might have been had I written this review of sorts back closer to seeing it when I planned to before going on my long break from writing.

As I have said previously, I had had the opportunity to see this movie once before and chose another one, The Trotsky (which I have already reviewed here previously) instead. That said, this is not a bad movie by any means. A little formulaic, I'm sure some would say, but still worth it if you like romantic comedies.

I only have a few things to say about the movie. One being that the premise was more interesting in theory than in practice. How the main character got to write the letter to her recipient of a "Letter from Juliet" or more accurately a "Secretary of Juliet" wasn't the most interesting part of the movie.

Also, the leading lady's would-be husband was, from minute one, a bit of a charming? (not really) creep who paid her no attention whatsoever and was rather disengenious about how he got out of doing things with her on their so-called pre-honeymoon.

The scenery was, of course, gorgeous. The casting of the older woman who wrote the 50 some year-old letter of the title was well-done. They got a name actress to play this part. As for the eventual romantic interest for the leading lady, he wasn't anyone I knew of, but played the part well.

The real star of the show so to speak was, well, the star of the show. Amanda Seyfried, who was also in another of her movies (probably her most well-known one) with an older female co-star - Meryl Streep in Mama Mia, definitely is well worth watching.

Although there was nothing hugely surprising about how the story played out, I will say two things for it. First, yes I did, at one or more points, cry. And second, I really thought Amanda Seyfried was good in her role. I am talking about how believable she came across in the role with regard to facial expression among other things.

Not the most original movie (although a unique premise that is apparently based on a true story) but well worth your time to rent, as it is probably out of theatres by now, if you like romantic comedy. Having said that, it is more romance than comedy.



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  2. OMG. Big brother really is watching. How did WEB SHERIFF (whatever it is!) find me ... and so fast. It's a good thing they were wishing me well and all but still... LOL.

  3. Amanda Seyfried is a very talented up an coming actress

  4. Beverly - Not only is AS a "very talented up an coming actress" but s-h-e has the "honor" of being one of my FB friends. Check it out. LOL.


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