Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Update: Huguette Clark

Hi everyone. This is actually two updates of a sort. First of all, it is my first time back blogging in about a month and a half. That's the update aspect I hadn't really thought of when I made my title. Primarly because I don't intend to make this first post back a "mish-mash" of topics like I sometimes do. I plan to do each (or at least most of the elements I have to talk about separately.

The update in question then is the fact that while reading the Sunday full page big articles obituaries in the Edmonton Journal today I came across two (of the four listed) that caught my eye. One in particular is the subject of this post and one a bit of an afterthought. The main one was on a person who I had written about here under the "fancy" title of simply her name. Huguette Clark.

Hugette Clark, as anyone who read the post I am talking about was a very wealthy (on par with the Astors and the Vanderbilts, etc) and extremely old (103 or 104) woman who lived a very reclusive life for many decades before her death. I pretty much covered what interested me in her life in the post I made before (so if you haven't read it yet and are interested, look it up in my archives).

This is just mainly a "endcap" to the story letting people know how it eventually turned out since considering her age at her death her life was shrouded in mystery and there was the "controversy" over her last days/years and whether or not she was really alive or not or whether her "people" (mainly her lawyer &/or accountant) had engaged in any "funny business" in regard to possibly pretending she was still alive for their own gain.

Turns out the paper I read (the Journal) didn't alude to the controversy (just the unlived in mansions that were kept for decades) other than to refute (which may be the wrong word since they didn't actually talk about all that business) the fact that anything untoward had gone on. I can't remember the exact wording but I do know that it conveyed to me anyway the clear message that nothing was wrong.

So, I guess H.C. is up in heaven (if you believe in that) playing with her expensive dolls and watching endless reruns of The Flintstones (she had good taste - lol). Actually that leads me to wonder if she watched any newer t.v shows. If I had known her personally, I would have suggested The Big Bang Theory and %*&$ My Dad Says. LOL. Oh and maybe Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway, goodbye Ms. Clark. Mystery solved.


P.S. The other obituary I alluded to was of a colorful British Lord which is kind of appropriate since my next post will (nominally) be on The British Royal Wedding: 2011 Edition.

The C.A.T.

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