Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Hello everyone. Well unfortunately, this post isn't so timely. I didn't even get to "date-stamp" it "properly" as I was busy with checking out/posting to bloginterviewer.

Just gonna post what is probably going to be a shorter post about a nice memory of my dad. I don't have too many as he worked long hours while I was growing up so I didn't see much of him and then he died about 30 years ago when I was 13.

I don't know how old I was at the time - maybe my mom would remember if I asked her. Anyway, for some reason my dad was at the department store (Sears I'm pretty sure) with Mom & Me/I(?).

Whatever brought him to Sears with us that evening (I'm also pretty sure for some reason it was evening) it worked out extremely well for me. LOL. You see, usually Mom was very good about buying me whatever I wanted since I didn't really ask for much.

This day however, we were shopping for a coat (or at least a coat caught my eye - but I think we were shopping for it) and I picked one that she definitely said I could not have.

It was a "fur" coat. White with caramel colored splotches on it. It also had a jaunty brown leather belt. I r-e-a-l-l-y wanted that coat. I don't remember if I asked more than once but regardless Dad saw how much I wanted it obviously.

Somehow, he managed to prevail and Mom was over-ruled/won-over (again not sure which). I got my spotted "fur" coat! I loved that coat and wore it for several years/until I outgrew it.

Apparently, it was just like Dad (I wouldn't know as I am v-e-r-y much younger than my siblings) to be a soft-touch. One story Mom did tell me that I remember is that when my two sisters and my brother were young they went grocery shopping with Dad at least once.

On this/these shopping trip(s) he was a sucker for being talked into buying crazy fruits (like whole coconut - lol) and stuff like that. Can you imagine trying to get into a whole coconut? Or what Mom said when they brought it home. LOL

Well, I guess I'll end by saying "Thanks Dad" for this and my other good memories of you. I must admit that as you aren't here now for so many years and never really were a big part of my childhood, I don't think of you often enough. But I do still miss you when I do. Happy (Belated) Father's Day (you would have been 90 this year).




  1. I really loved reading this story... although our fathers may have not been in our lives much we all have loving stories to share about them. Reading this post reminded me of some of the things I did with my dad. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

  2. Thanks angelic... (Claudia). I really enjoyed sharing this story.


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