Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Hi everyone. Today is officially the first day of summer - what is the longest, and supposed to be the sunniest day of the year. Well 2010 didn't disappoint here in Edmonton.

It was a nice sunny day that thankfully wasn't too hot. I hate that worse then it being too cold. It was a fine day to spend, as I did, meeting for coffee with friends.

Speaking of friends, I was contacted by a internet friend/acquaintance just the other day who asked if I would do him a favor. It didn't seem much to ask, so here it is. The friend acquaintance is the first-time author Daniel Seddiqui.

Daniel, wrote a book called 50 Jobs, 50 States about his adventure in work-ing, yes, 50 entirely different jobs in all 50 states when he couldn't find a worthwhile full-time job after graduating from his university studies.

He did this with the intention of seeing what there was to offer, picking and lining up jobs in each state that had some connection to the state it self. For instance, in West Virginia I believe he worked in a coal mine.

Each job was only a week as the project was to be completed in 50 weeks as well. However, it wasn't as easy as it sounds as many of the jobs were quite physical and a lot of them took a variety of different skills.

For example he was a surfing instructor in Hawaii, he made cheese in another state, and so on and so on. Now here is where the favor comes in. Daniel has entered a contest put on by Mitchum anti-perspirant. The main prize is $100,000.

The contest is promoting the hardest working person in America. The hook is that Mitchum sees itself as the hardest working anti-perspirant. There are all manner of people in all manner of occupations from florist to cop entered.

Daniel would like me to encourage the readers of my blog to go to the Mitchum web-site and vote for him. I have already done so myself. If you are interested in seeing why Daniel might deserve your vote go to the site and check out his video.

Each contestant has a video that makes their case for being the hardest working. When you see the breadth of jobs and the myriad skills he must have needed to pull them all off, I'm sure you will very likely consider him to be your pick as well.

By all means look at the other videos, but I really think Daniel's video made his case for him pretty well. You can only vote once but you do not have to sign up or register to do it as it seems to go by your computer address so one vote per family.

While this post was only nominally about the solstice, I encourage you all to take the longest day of the year to vote for the hardest working person in America, whoever that may be for you. For me that is Daniel. Hopefully, it will be for you.

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers who take the little bit of time it takes to go to the site and look at the short videos of Daniel and possibly the other most likely candidates in your mind.

The address is I was going to tell you to just click on the link but I can't get it to work so you will have to take a moment to write it down and then type it in. Please do. Note after the 5 is a letter o not a number 0. Thanks again



  1. Carmen,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a kind comment on my blog.

    Hope you reach your goal of 75! I am certainly one of the followers now.


  2. Thank you for the thank you as a friend and I often say. LOL. I appreciate the good wishes. Tell all your friends and followers to follow me and maybe I'll get there. :)

    As for your website, people should click on your name to check it out as I forgot the address but the last day at work (fake) e-mail story was hilarious.


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