Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cat Or Cow

Hi everyone. It's been a couple of days more than it should but I'm back. In my last post I asked you to determine whether or not I was, in fact, pushy.

Today, I will let you consider if I am in fact, C.A.T. or C.O.W. (Challenged On wRelationships - think of the word wrapped - lol)

Let me explain. I was talking to a friend, a few days back and after cancelling for the second time in a row a "standing date" to get together as we usually do twice weekly she called me a cow! LOL.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not shamelessly looking for sympathy. More like validation. The word cow didn't really upset me. Now if she had called me a fat cow that would be another story. Not that I'm not fat. But I've just never liked that combination.

Calling me a cow on the other hand, and with all the sense of righteous indignation she could muster, just struck me as funny. Nevertheless, I must never be wrong. LOL. So I ask you (today's question) was that really cowlike behavior.



  1. Absolutely not. Cow is someone who doesn't care and everyone knows you are not that person!

  2. Your "internet friends" have no idea who you really are. After all, YOU are the one who edits all your posts and, therefore, your whole "persona" is self made. FJ is onto you! LOL!


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