Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Outing" Family & Friends

Hi again. This marks the second post "today" as I didn't post on Saturday like I was supposed to (as I mentioned at the end of the last post).

Now I want to talk about family and friends. Specifically, how to write a blog when everyone is so damn concerned about their anonymity. Obviously, they couldn't give a rat's ass about my journalistic integrity. Damn them all to hell.

But seriously, as you saw in my last post as well as some other previous ones, I mostly respect this annoying habit of these sad, sad, people who don't realize that "any publicity is good publicity".

However, this does not mean that this does not cause me grief in the writing process or that it wouldn't be easier to tell some (ok most) stories if I could use names.

So I have come up with a compromise. Not that I've told them this. I just plan on doing it. It should work fine. I am going to use pseudonyms/aliases for them. Some of them are quite close to the real deal (as I couldn't think of anything better) although most are quite different and I must say for myself, quite amusing!

Allow me to introduce you to the partial potential cast of my stories. First their is my mother "Faye Merman Tierney". Then there is my oldest sister "Loretta Faye Tierney Lockhorn" and her husband, "Larry Lockhorn, Sr." Next comes my other sister "Carol Diane Tierney Sanders" and her husband "Bob Sanders". My only brother "Harry Heath Tierney". My nieces and nephew... first the oldest, my niece "Gene Lockhorn Benjamin" and her husband "Stan Benjamin". Her sister, "Lara Lockhorn Sheppard" and her husband "Trey Sheppard". Their brother "Larry Lockhorn Jr." and his wife "Finn Lockhorn". My niece "Pristine Sanders". Finally, her sister "Helly Sanders Knowles" and her husband "Zee Knowles".

There is off course, my great nieces and nephews too. I'm too tired to add them here now but I will edit them in to this post later. LOL.

As for friends, I don't have that many so I guess I could add a few of them now. First, there is "the friend who can not be named", who some of you may remember from a very early post when I sort of outed her, and her two cats "Daisy" and "Connor". Then there is "Elizabeth Kearns" and her two dogs "Moonbeam" and "Ed" Then there are my male friends "Kevin Lee", the Bradley Cooper lookalike and "Bruno van Village" who I used to work with (but I won't tell you where - at least not yet).

Well, now all that is left is to see if and or when the shit hits the fan. Like I said though, I believe it is all about journalistic integrity and I might add, literary license. LOL.


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