Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Something On Dead Celebrities - As Promised.

The title may not be the most tasteful but it gets the point across. This next posting will be about celebrities, or movie stars if you will, who have died recently.

On Wednesday, the last day I posted before today, I had meant to make a small mention of Brittany Murphy, as it was exactly 1 month since she died. It either didn't really fit or I forgot so I will do so today. Actually, maybe it is better I am doing this today as then I can kill 2 (actually 3) birds with one stone. This is because I found out today that the 50's era actress Jean Simmons died yesterday. That makes 3 actresses/movie stars in approximately one month. The first being the 40's era actress Jennifer Jones 2 or 3 days before Brittany Murphy.

So lets start at the beginning. I found out about Brittany Murphy first. This was about 2 days after she died. I went to the imdb (Internet Movie Database) to check out her filmography and message board. Then I left for my mom's place for the Christmas holidays on the same day - Dec 22nd. After coming back on Jan 3rd I was back on the boards. I was about to say that I found out about Jennifer Jones on the Brittany Murphy board but truth be told, I now realize I don't remember if that was it or if it was elsewhere but I do know that I found out via a BM link as the exact way I found out JJ was dead was that somebody said that BM's death overshadowed JJ's the way Michael Jackson's did Farrah Fawcett's. As for Jean Simmons, that I heard a brief snippet about on tv as I was passing the living room. Didn't even catch the part where they tell you how old she was. Found that out later on the internet.

So RIP Brittany Murphy 32, Jennifer Jones 90, and Jean Simmons 80.

Check out their imdb sites - especially their message boards where the fans (and sadly foes) will be out posting. And maybe rent a movie of theirs in their honour. My pick for Brittany Murphy would be The Ramen Girl, 8 Mile, & Riding in Cars with Boys. For Jennifer Jones it's Song of Bernadette, Duel in the Sun or Portrait of Jennie and for Jean Simmons it is Elmer Gantry, Guys & Dolls or Hamlet.

Anyway, that's all for me today. Bye for now.


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