Monday, January 18, 2010

... Well, Everyone Poops!

... Hello again, people. Well other than the hopefully soon to be upcoming "Kevin Contest" this is an attempt to "match" the JLH post of 4 days ago.

Allow me to explain a bit. As I use the internet quite a bit since getting my laptop this last Aug. I spend quite a bit of time on sites like You Tube.

It was while there that I found a TRAILER for a new SPIKE JONZE "movie" called (you guessed it) "Everyone Poops". Sadly, it is just a joke trailer and no movie will be forthcoming...

... but it is kinda amusing to think somebody thought of this. Check out the actress in the beginning of the clip that rues that they (the parents) have taught the daughter EVERYTHING and still she doesn't get it. LOL.

Just one last thing before I sign off for today. I promise I did not type in poop - it just showed up with all the other celeb based things that they picked for me. I PROMISE. LOL. Really. Well, anyways,

Bye for now. See you in two (hopefully!).


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