Saturday, January 30, 2010

Briefly Speaking!

Today will be a short post I think. I've posted longer posts lately I think so it's time to mix things up a bit anyway so you readers whoever you are - LOL - don't get to tired of reading my long stuff. Also, I am in a hurry. I am already about 15 minutes late leaving the house to visit a good friend. So I guess that makes me the bad friend. LOL.

I signed in to FB briefly looking for a little inspiration on what to write (as well as to check messages) and found that I had 2 messages and 5(!) new friend requests. Aren't I popular.

That brings me to todays mini topic of sorts - popularity and my pursuit of blogging.

I talked about a "Kevin Contest" before and that is still on the backburner. Today I want to talk about another contest of sorts. More of a bet I have. I am hoping my loyal first blog readers can help me.

As of very recently I have 10 followers. Back when I had 6 or 8 I made a bet with a friend that I could get 75 (a compromise between her 100 and my 50) followers by the one year anniversary of my blog. This would be January 6th, 2011.

I've been doing good so far so I probably sound like a shoo-in to win but I'm not being to over-confident. After all, most things like this start off faster than they end as you get your friends on board in the beginning. That is why I have come to you dear friends and followers with this appeal.

I have a few strategy ideas for getting more followers but here is one you can help me with. I figure that if every follower I have suggested to 2 of their friends that they become followers (just tell them I'm funny - lie if you have to. LOL) that will give me 20 more. Of course if you can think of more than 2 people that's even better.

So where is the contest? Well since everybody likes a contest I thought I'd attach one to inspire you to try getting me 2 or more followers each. Since I don't use paypal and the winning from my bet are small anyway (a $20 lunch!) I am making this contest for bragging rights only. ie: I will post the full name of the winner on the blog and say some really nice things about them. LOL

So, admittedly not the best prize but a prize nonetheless. Hope you all get on board as I can use all the help I can get. Oh, and you have to tell me if a friend signs up as otherwise I wouldn't know it was your friend. Well, bye for now. Wish me luck.


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