Saturday, January 23, 2010

WARNING: This post may be considered ABUSIVE. LOL.

Hey everybody. Things are looking up in my blog world, I guess. Two things of note on that score. First, I have a 5th follower. Yay. And second, has to do with the title of this post. Today when I told a friend about my blog and he said he would add a link to my blog from his FB page, he tried and then told me that apparently, he couldn't add it as FB was telling him that it was flagged as an abusive site. Sheesh. Do something to add a little traffic generating controversy and see where it gets you. LOL.

By the way, check out post number four if you're interested in what all the fuss is/was about if you haven't seen it already.

Anyway, I was kind of bummed about that as I was trying for more not less visitors so I really didn't want it so that friends (and myself) couldn't post links. Luckily, I told my sad story to anyone who would listen in the chat feature and one of them (who is a follower here - yay) said he would try again for me. Luckily, it worked. Another friend, this time a lady, tried too and it worked for her also. So I'll have to tell my friend Sid, who originally told me this news, that he should try again.

On to other news, again it has been 4 days since my last post. I went to my mother's house on Thursday and didn't get to the library on Friday to post something. At this precise moment I am not sure whether to post two separate postings today or just one extra long one. The idea was to post twice when I have neglected posting but this first post will probably be pretty sparse.

I guess I can separate the two and post a second posting about movie stars like planned and add a little extra to this one by telling you that SOCIAL NETWORKING REALLY DOES WORK!

You see when I was on FB today, just before coming here to post, as mentioned above I was also talking to another girl/lady on my friends list who happens to be a "random". That is someone I don't actually know in real life. Since we both live in Edmonton, she suggested today that we meet for the first time to see a movie next week. So in a weeks time I should have another "actual reality" friend. And I have FB to thank. So I forgive you, FB, for the abusive flag (especially since it seems to be gone now). Notice how it's easy to forgive when the problem gets solved. LOL.

Anyway, see you at the next post if you are interested in dead celebrities and the little factoids about them.


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