Sunday, January 10, 2010

The First Post Was Not The Last Word - LOL.

Today, I signed back in to my wonderous new baby - my blob, er blog - to write the followup to my epic first post. This time it will be the opposite of the first post. I come back with just 2 basic things to report.

First, I went to a birthday party at my niece Laura's for her oldest son James and told everyone about my blog - I was so excited! Mostly, they couldn't give a shit! Oh well, their loss. LOL.

Second, I came back to the distinct pleasure of having my first follower. It is not exactly a "random". It is my Spanish Facebook friend FJ. I told him about my new blog when I saw him/he saw me on FB just after starting it and he was eager to see my baby I am happy to report.

Well, that's all for today except to let my soon to be enormous list of followers (LOL) know that I had/have plans to post every other day approximately but missed posting on the 8th. Since it was the first opportunity for a second post I don't know how this bodes for my plans but we'll see.


PS. Another PS this time too. I said last time that I'd explain C.A.T.Stuff. Well, it's pretty basic too. My initials just happen to be C.A.T. (just like one of my two older sisters!). So it's my stuff.


  1. Welll, I care Carmen! Its a very nice blog! Have a great week honey.

  2. So far I have learned a lot about you :) I have learned what C.A.T means and also the reference to the Vegetable House.
    I have also learned that you are a great person and caring as well :)


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