Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fat Girl Sings The Blues

As you can see, this is the second post for today (as I missed the 11th - which by the way was my half year birthday [gifts welcome] - lol). Since in the last post I talked about being a cow vs. a fat cow that reminded me of a rather "sad" story.

Allow me to share some of my personal heartbreak. It was several months ago. I was on the street. Minding my business (sound familiar - lol), as usual. All of a sudden, out of nowhere and for no apparent reason some young native guy starts harranging me for being fat.

I have thankfully blocked out the details (so this will be a fairly short post) but for the entire two minutes or so that we were standing on the corner of the street waiting for the streetlight to change color I listened to his constant stream of abuse.

Never before have I ever had anything like that happen to me. Admittedly, there have been two or three times when people will yell smartass compliments out when they are in the safety of a passing car. But never before (or hopefully from then on) has something like this happened.

So my question this time (since I've become so fond of asking questions lately) is can you believe someone would actually "do" this?



  1. I don't believe it! You are making that up. A perfect stranger would never just start hurling insults like that. I call b.s. =)

  2. Probably that guy has some kind of mental disorder...?

  3. No bs fishguts and sadly FJ he seemed sane, not very nice obviously, but still sane.

  4. what a goof. You should`ve mased him and then sed he tried to rob you. lol

  5. shauna - now why didn't I think of that! LOL.

  6. horrible. i would have clocked him

  7. I've had a man yell, "lard ass" at me because I was limping too slowly out the door to my car after my surgery, so yes I can believe it because the world is full of crazies! All kinds of them out there! Bloody Kooks! But we don't have to buy their s--t.


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