Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm So "Compelling"

Hi everybody. So I'm trying to get back in the swing of things posting-wise, as you can see. I am also cheating as you can also very likely see. I start a post on the appointed day but don't finish it for days. Cheating yes. But at least it prods me into doing something.

So how exactly can I call myself, one so boring I can't think of enough to say on a regular basis about recent events since I don't feel yet like pouring over the past much, compelling. Well, that's a bit of a cheat as well. You see, I couldn't think of the exact right word - the best I could come up with was compelling.

After I explain, maybe someone can figure out the word that escapes me. I think it starts with an e or an i and means persuasive. Like when telemarketers (like I used to be - and I was a damn good teleharrassment specialist) are persuasive.

Anyway, I now have 15 goodreads friends. The last 5 or so all coming within the last day or so. Well, I was trying to scare up more on FB where they have been coming from my "randoms" there. I was taking to a female "random" and she told me that it sounded like a sales pitch.

Since I had nothing to sell I was a little surprised, although I guess I shouldn't be as I can be quite aggressive about "selling" my pet hobbies - like goodreads or this blog. It was funny though. While I didn't so much notice it in my "pitch" to her I did notice it in a subsequent plea to someone else.

I'll let you decide for yourselves I told them I had just joined a site called goodreads awhile ago and that "they should too". LOL. Then I went on to say that it was "free to join, of course" and "It's fun". How's that for "pitchy". LOL.

I guess that is why of the 5 people I got to join all 5 were guys (not one woman - yet!). Maybe guys take more pity on someone with a lost cause. Of course, maybe that was a fluke too. After all, I probably spoke to more guys than women on FB lately.

Regardless, if someone knows of the correct word to use instead of compelling, I would appreciate it if you left a comment stating it. Also, feel free to help me refine my pitch.


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  1. I'm not an expert in English, but I'm sure "compelling" is the best word for you. LOL.


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