Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pepto-Bismol Pink

Hello everyone (and by everyone I mean all thirty-one of you [yay] - and welcome to me newest, my real-time, but long-distance friend Kristianne). Today I am going to share (another) dirty little secret with you.

Well, secret may be overstating it a bit. I have already told #30 (fishguts aka Tim K) and "the friend who can not be named". But still, the dirty part applies and it sounds better together. LOL.

Anyway, my last post marked my 45th since starting on January 6th, just over 3 months ago. Quite awhile back, like about 10 or 15 posts ago I was already thinking of submitting my little blog - this little masterpiece - to a blog review.

Not just any blog review either. A mighty site that specializing in tearing into blogs and titled, appropriately enough, . Why submit my precious little baby to those people.

Well, you know what they say... any publicity is good publicity. So after I get to approximately 50 posts (about the minimium they like to review I believe) I am thinking seriously of indulging in this crazy behavior.

One thing I would like to do first though, which means I might wait till 75 or even 100 posts, is learn how to use widgets better. So far I only have my comment feed. Admittedly it has come in handy for pointing me to new comments before I stumbled into the settings and found the part that allows you to get emails sent to you telling you about new comments. I thought that should have been automatic. Silly me.

Some widgets I'd like, but not necessarily exclusively, are, first of all, a site counter of some sort. Apparently there are several different ones. This is good since I tried adding a site counter once and I signed up for it (that I definitely remember doing) but it asked me to copy and paste, which I'm sure they all do, and I didn't know how to do it. Sigh. So I was left wondering if I went back to that site (sitemeter I think) if it would give me another kick at the can or not.

Another thing that would be nice for this site is the thingy that tells you where people are coming from. As in what part of the world. It also tells you how they came to your site. I am not sure if this info is redundant to some of the fancier metering sites but I have seen it on a number of different blogs and it looks good to me.

Other than that, I think I'd like to keep it simple. There is just one more feature I would like on this little blog but for now I want to keep it a secret for reasons which I'm sure you all will understand when the time to talk about it/unroll it comes around. Keeping it simple is also probably a good thing for two reasons.

One is, of course, my lack of technical skills. And two, the people at Ask and Ye Shall Receive (the ones with the out there tear you apart address) seem to like things kept pretty simple. For one thing no auto-music on blogs. I totally agree on that point.

One thing I don't agree on, and will more than likely get savaged for, is my pepto-bistmol pink background. I refuse to let this make me change it though. I have my reasons for this. First, I kind of like it and it's the only decent free template on blogger/blogspot.

Then there's the problem of any changes I make in the template causing potential problems with my current format such as it is. Finally, I can't afford a fancy, bought template and even if there are decent free ones that you can get from other sources there is still the problem of "attaching them". I'm not sure I'm up to the job.

I will leave you with today's question. Are there any things that you think would improve my blog. Widgets or otherwise (words). If you are willing you can take a look through some of the various blogs on blogger/blogspot and see what gizmos and things are cool. Also, some posting themes you may happen to like and think I could also do well with. This pre-review would be most appreciated.



  1. In my opinion, the blog's template is not important.
    There are many blogs with a lot of cool stuff.
    But I think they are not the best.
    I like your posts, but if you ask me how to improve your blog, I'd like to read posts related to other (more general) topics.
    Just a suggestion.


  2. Thanks FJ. It should be easy to fulfill that request (at least part of the time) as sometimes I don't like using my list of "back topics".

    Somedays I like to just comment on my general day or what I've read or heard about in the news.

    Anyway, thanks again for the feedback.


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