Friday, April 23, 2010

The World Today!

Today is a "command performance". I made an agreement with my FB and blogging friend FJ to swap blog topic choices. He picked mine for me and I picked his for him. I think I got the short end of the stick on this one. He may say different. LOL.

His for me is "The World Today!" (exclamation point mine). Mine for him is "My First Girlfriend".

My comment to him upon hearing my topic was "I hate you". His to me was "You &%^$@#" I have to say though I have backup on my complaint. I was talking to a fellow follower of both of ours on our blogs named Mark. Mark agrees with me. LOL.

Mark's exact words were "That is a truly sucky topic". I couldn't agree more Mark. LOL. BTW, Mark has graciously allowed me to use his name. I offered to note that an anonymous person agreed with me after all the trouble I've had lately with people not wanting to be mentioned, especially by name.

Mark, bless his soul, said "Use my name, it would be proof you didn't make it up". My journalistic impulses are vindicated, finally. Someone understands that without names it somehow isn't the same.

I was also telling Mark that I told FJ that if necessary I would "twist his topic, like a pretzel" to get to a topic I liked. LOL. FJ considered this unacceptable. Well, cheating anyway. So I agreed I would do it only if absolutely neccessary.

Mark agreed that if twisting the topic like a pretzel was anyones job, then I was "creative enough to do it". Thanks Mark. I think that was a compliment. LOL.
I also told Mark that just because I promised to try to not twist without trying to comply with the spirit of things first I didn't promise not to ask for help. LOL.

So after some consultation here is what we came up with...

The world today is round and blue and green and brown mostly. It has lots of water (but not enough)...
- my part

...The world today looks different than it did 16 million years ago. Period.
- Marks part

So there you have it. A collaboration between FJ and me (and Mark). I did tell FJ that he'd probably like it as it would probably be short. (At least the main body of this post that actually deals with the topic selected itself.) He just probably doesn't have a clue how short. LOL.



  1. A short post, but I don't like it because you cheated anyway.

  2. FJ - your exact words to me on FB were a little less harsh (LOL). I quote "I think you didn't write about the title I selected for you. NOT AS I EXPECTED ANYWAY" (emphasis mine).

    As I replied to you then "Life is never as you expect it, FJ. LOL." FB crashed before I could further point out "Besides, you should know to 'expect the unexpected' from me."

    Also, and finally, I did warn you going into it that I might have to "twist the topic like a pretzel". I don't think I did that. I "did" write about "The World Today". Just briefly. Very briefly.

    So in conclusion, I don't think I cheated at all. LOL. Just got "creative". Thanks for the comment though. Keep them coming. Love, PushyCat


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