Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky Number 13

I was just at a friends the other day and we were playing cards. Rummy. I just started to play with her (she is an old hand so to speak). I thought I was getting good. I once beat her by 400 points (going to 1000). However, this last time really disgusted me! LOL. Talk about getting beaten. The final score was 1060 (her) to 10! (me). Unbelievable.

The funny thing was, as we were playing (towards the beginning) when I was seriously in the minus numbers I actually said to her (no word of a lie) I'll just bet you end up with 1000 and me with something like 10. Crazy, huh. Even crazier than the score itself (which was pretty hard to beat for that).

Another funny thing. One time when we played I went out with one single big run! I told her I wanted extra points for that. She just laughed at me! Other than the 1060/10 debacle I must say I love playing rummy now. It's funny because I never wanted to play before. Winning a few hands changed my mind. LOL.

Anyway from unlucky numbers (10!) to lucky ones (13). I have my 13th follower as of tonight. Yay. And this is only post number 15.


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