Sunday, February 7, 2010

February is Black History Month

Hello everybody (all 12 of you! - LOL). Well, not much to write today. Not exactly true but I guess I just don't feel like it much. So I will post a little something about Black History Month. I read a book (it might have been during last years BHM - I think so) called Small Island by Andrea Levy (according to a search to confirm the title it is her 4th novel. She is apparently an award winning author). I don't feel like giving a little blurb on it but if you search it there is an extract of it on her website. I thought it was quite good as far as I remember. It was set in the late 40's &/or early 50's.

Another book you might want to read to celebrate BHM is called Inheritors of the Spirit: Mary White Ovington and the Founding of the NAACP. This book is one of the reasons if not the main reason I think I found the Unitarian Church. Even though it doesn't figure into the story that much in terms of volume it does in terms of power. It really seemed to me that that religion was a big part of the reason this upper middle class white woman became part of this cause. Also a very good book as I remember it.


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