Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Yet Icky

Hi everyone. As promised my post today is on Valentine's Day, the movie. All in all it was pretty good. Not great but definitely not bad.

My friend who doesn't like romantic comedies said it was ok or something similar. But then she said too that it profitted from her coming into it with low expectations LOL.

I liked it probably a little more. Like I said it wasn't great or anything but it definitely had it's moments. I think Anne Hathaway played her part quite well considering it could have been really difficult to watch her character considering what she played.

One funny thing about the movie was that there were about 4 instances I counted when the final movie didn't match the scene in the previews. Four times! Crazy.

The young boy in the film was quite cute. I must say his scenes in the previews were a little funnier though. Weird that they changed them. But in seeing the movie I guess I can understand why.

As for what made the film "Sweet yet Icky" as the title says... it was a specific scene rather than the whole movie. I won't ruin the surprise if you plan to see it but I will tell you it is near the very end and it involves Bradley Cooper.

Well, that's my review. Check it out for yourselves and leave a comment on what YOU thought about it.


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