Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cholesterol & Lifelong Friends

I was talking to a number of friends [the actual number is 2 - LOL - since I only have so many :) ] and mulling over blog content ideas for todays scheduled post and funny (to me!) things happened. As in coincidences, I guess.

First, lets get the title idea out of the way. I was talking to 1 friend and she pointed out that we had been friends for about 5 years. A long time, I think, even though at 40 (or so) if I were a real people person I could say I have 20 year and even 35 year friends. Well, I guess in the strictest sense I do but I am not really counting them as they are more past friends, ie. friends that never officially stopped being friends but that I am not/have not been in touch with in a direct/constant sense for a long time.

Anyway, this friend of 5 solid years had reminded me of that very fact which got me mentioning to her that I wanted to be able to say (like my 83 year old mom) in the future that I had a 50 year friend (which I remembered because this lady friend of my mom's came over for Christmas Eve dinner this just past Christmas was just that). My friend then pointed out (innocently enough, I think - LOL) that that would make me 90. Well 90ish. Her point presumably being the likelihood of me living to approximately 90! (She is about 10 -15 years younger than me and delights in ribbing me about her always going to be younger than me - as in she'll say something about my "advanced age" and I'll say you'll get there too at which point she'll point out that I'll still be older! - LOL).

Well, that brings us to the french fries (ie. the cholesterol of the title). When she said that would make me 90 I didn't immediately absolutely get her unstated point that I'd be pretty old considering the way (or lack thereof) I take care of myself. The first thing that came out of my mouth was yeah, I plan to be around at 90. Then, within seconds when I realized the unstated point about "me" (the italics aren't working - LOL) actually making it to 90 I said well maybe not as I liked my fries so we agreed on trying for friends of 25 years! LOL. A compromise between cholesterol and lifelong friends (or of fries and friends - LOL)!

Ok, so the title out of the way, that brings us to the coincidences or somesuch. I was talking to the other friend I mentioned and she told me a story about a acquaintance of hers who tells excruiatingly long hyper-detailed stories that drive her nuts.

How this came up I am not sure. It was not because of anything I said. I swear. LOL. The funny part was that I told this other friend (#2 to keep things straight) that the friend I first mentioned (hence #1 - the french fry story friend) often says (as I'm sure you are starting to notice if you hadn't already with all the brackets and hyphens I use to tell stories) that my stories can be somewhat convoluted, with much extraneous detail. I told friend #2 that friend #1 should hear her story just the way she told it because the way she told it (complete with a hilariously funny impersonation of this acquiantance) that friend #1 would never again accuse me of however friend #2 called her acquaintances stories. I will again use the words excruiatingly long hyper-detailed, although she called it something else.

This explanation of it is probably convincing no one that I am not the same. LOL. You would just have to hear the impersonation for yourselves. Then you truely would agree! It was like, so over-the-top it wasn't (well actually it was, e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y) funny.

Well, to continue (cause I haven't actually, if anyone is still following, gotten to a coincidence or such) I talked to friend #1 shortly after and told her a story (about a transvestite who screams leave Britney (Spears) alone at length in silly but hilarious, melodramatic detail on YouTube - which is a whole other story - LOL) and she told me that I was confusing her. So I told her about friend #2's story about the acquaintance and she clarified that she didn't say I confused her - just that she was confused by the story (!). I kinda thought it was the same thing but she says different and who am I to disagree since her version makes me look better. LOL. Anyway, the coincidence was it coming up twice in a very short time period.

The 2nd coincidence (cause I said it plural) I can't remember now cause it took me so long to write the previous up - LOL. If it comes back to me, I'll be sure to pass it on in a subsequent post as I'm sure it was a delightful story! LOL. All of my stories are. :)

Well, it is extremely late now as I get to this point as I started quite late and got nicely distracted with both a long and fruitful actual reality conversation with my new roommate and am now talking online to a guy from Turkey or trying to as much as language problems will let us (which is also another story for another time) so I will finish this up here and now. See you in two days.


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