Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YAY! I'm So Excited.

Today is my third kick at the blog can. Nothing to special to report I don't think, but I have nevertheless been extremely excited waiting for my chance to blog again. As anyone who has read my previous post knows I plan to post every second day.

First of all, a bit of crowing! On the day of my second (s/h/b third) post - Jan 10th - it was my fourth day and by the end of it I had four followers. Yes! Thank you FB (That is where they all came from). I talked it up to some FB friends in the chat mode and most of the few I specifically talked to came through.

I also posted my new status as a blogger in both FB and Twitter (not that I use Twitter that much). When I log in to both after making this post I intend to see if the results are as astounding as I hope. LOL.

On to other things - one of my new followers, AS, asked me on FB "how do you get mentioned on your blog?" Well, first let me tell you, I LOVED this question. It made me feel like the superstar that my niece Larissa told me I never was (LOL) - see Jan 10th post. Now let me give you the short answer - JUST ASK. Again, I loved this question. Ah, to have fans, I mean followers. LOL.

Between postings, while I was anxiously awaiting the next posting opportunity, I took to adding blogs to follow using the Next Blog button. As of Jan 10th I had 75 and as of today I stopped at exactly 100. Now to check them out in more depth.

That is probably my next project - mentioning a different blog I have visited in subsequent posts (not all but some!). There are a lot of blogs - as I said before I already am following 100 and it didn't take long to do that. Some of them pop up with way to much frequency though and you can get caught in a Next Blog "loop". The trick to breaking the loop is to go back to your dashboard and then scroll to the bottom and hit buzz then start anew with the Next Blog button and hope for the best. Usually it works.

Of my 100 blogs that I am following there are a few categories they seem to be falling into (from just the briefest of checks). There are blogs about blogging (LOL). Especially about how to make money blogging! Note to self: gotta read those blogs. Also, there seems to be alot of crafting blogs (surprised me) and photographic blogs (didn't surprise me). Oh and cooking blogs. Lots of cooking blogs. Um. Now if only I could find the nest of movie blogs!

Well, that's it for now. See you in roughly two days.



  1. I actually haven't seen any blogs about movies!
    Now you are setting a challenge up for me LOL To find you a blog about Movies :)

  2. I actually did end up finding movie blogs. I long ago reached 300 blogs to offfically follow so they aren't listed on my blog following page.

    That means I would have to find the various different scraps of paper I wrote them on to tell you which ones they are. That's the way the popcorn husk "crumbles". LOL.

    Oh, and thanks for all your other comments. I only found this one on my email as for some reason it didn't show on recent comments.


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