Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Was I Thinking! / This Is My 10th Post!!

Well hello all. Some exciting news (well to me anyway - LOL) right off the top. I just got through joining imdb.com Finally my application or whatever went through. It's been months of the system is down messages. Frankly, I didn't expect to be successful. I guess things happen when you least expect it. All is not perfect though.

In order to post/comment and give/get pm's you need to do something extra to your account that involves either a credit card (no way even if I had one!) or your cell phone number to authenticate your account further. Then they text you a code that you type in and ta-da. Well, it didn't quite get ta-done. No text came. The box came up to type the code in but no code came.

It took forever to get on the system in the first place so maybe this is a "momentary" glitch as well.

Now on to the title of this post. What was I thinking when I posted on Saturday that I was posting for the first time in 4 days. It was 3 days! LOL. Math never was my best subject :) However, I think I can say with certainty that this is my 10th post!

Also, I must say I'm not thrilled about the title of the last post. Not at all elegant and possibly downright tacky, but it is or was what it is or was.

Back to imdb now, assuming I have any regular readers and that if I do that they are willing to post comments - what do you think my first postings on imdb should be about. They can be about movies or the stars in them. Who are some of your favorites. Longer comments are ok too.

Now that I'm almost home-free in the system to actually post I'm not so sure what I want to post about. LOL. So any help will be appreciated! And know that no question is too inane for imdb. LOL. Are they gay, who do they resemble, what are their best/worst parts & or co-stars. Rumors, rumors, rumors. It's all good!

Then there are the movies, tv shows (as well) themselves. In fact, no show is seemingly without fans. For instance, (and I know this will make me look like a showbiz factoid geek) but I was trying to remember the name of a show about a lottery guy and a tax man that was on in likely the mid 80's. But I didn't know the name of the show or the stars. Now imdb is pretty good about letting you punch in a lesser known (or practically unknown) show or actor/actress and give a result. However, I didn't even know that.

Then, weeks later (today in fact) I decided to look up the 80's child/teen star Corey Feldman (of the 2 Coreys fame) and when I was looking through his "filmography" (tv shows too) it listed an 80's tv show named - surprise, surprise - Lottery! (yes the exclamation mark is a part of the title). Sure, enough when I checked it out that was the one I was thinking of. The show only lasted one season, but is apparently remembered by a handful of others too. LOL. Sadly, the cuter of the 2 guys in the show if I remember correctly (no pic of him by his name) has been inactive for about 15 years. WTF. LOL.

Feldman, btw, was actually nominated (I was going to say won until I double checked - always double check [LOL]) for a Young Artist Award for this guest appearance, as well as for one for The Love Boat the year before.

Speaking of the Young Artist Award, the actress who played Priscilla Presley's daughter on Dallas - Shalane McCall was also nominated for one and won for one of these same awards for Dallas. I mention this since I was on the subject of this award and it tied the two together and brings me to my next piece of celebrity gossip/tidbits. Apparently McCall was a young beauty queen ala Jon-Benet Ramsay although obviously less tragic. She had won over 100 titles apparently before her first and last role in tv/movies in Dallas.

It's quite fascinating (well to me anyway) that she was nominated (and won) an award for acting in her first (and ultimately as I stated, last) role and did so well with the beauty pageant thing yet she got herself legally emancipated from her parents and married at 17 only to take a job as a librarian! and quit acting altogether.

Another interesting piece of info on this actress is that at 15 when on Dallas they got a 24 year old (!) Brad Pitt (!) to play her boyfriend. They supposedly became "lovers" (see her newsdesk section) in real life. Now perhaps she turned 16 when they got together in real life, but otherwise does this not make it statutory rape? Just asking. Maybe she got emancipated first and that might make a difference.

Well, enough geeky questions and answers to questions you never asked. I shall bid adieu till Wednesday methinks. Bye for now.


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