Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cheer Up... Things Could Get Worse.

One day I sat thinking, almost in despair: a hand fell on my shoulder and a voice said reassuringly: cheer up, things could get worse. So I cheered up and, sure enough, things got worse.
                                                                - From James C. Hagerty quote.

Ok. So it's not really that bad. But I was starting to wonder. I haven't been getting much sleep these last few days and only got a couple hours worth before having to go to school today. I wouldn't even have gotten that if I didn't halve my school day from two periods to one. Anyway, I get home, eat dinner and take a nap. After that I get up to take my evening pills with every intention of going straight to the computer because it's already 8:30pm and I know how fast midnight sneaks up on me these NaBloPoMo days.

Well, since I got up a half hour earlier than I planned to to take my night pills I end up watching tv. Luckily, it was only a half hour and I didn't get sucked in further. However, I still have to pick my picture(s) from my extensive file of photos for today's post or find something new through a Yahoo Images search if I want to pick a specific topic not already on file. The idea that came to me, and thankfully very quickly, was a sunrise and a sunset picture because today was so beautiful (it hit +11 or +12!).

Then I thought that since I usually do two pictures that match up somehow, like the sunrise/sunset pictures would anyway, but I had one day with one picture only that today perhaps I could add a third picture that would also fit in and in fact enhance the other two. This idea came because +11/+12 at this time of the year is quite an accomplishment so what better third picture than a nice scene of a lovely fall day. My only worry was doing three different searches and finding, saving and creating the post for all these pictures when I ended up getting started at about 10:00pm. (I ended up losing the time I saved not getting sucked into the tv. by getting sucked into reading  just a few internet news stories.

Of course I couldn't realize that there would be time for that later. No, of course not. Well finally after saving almost the whole first page of sunrises - only the first search! - I decided to narrow my picture search down to one thing only. I changed to full moons, which my roommate said we had tonight. I knew that the fall scenes and sunsets would just present the same problem, one I didn't have anywhere near the time for, as the sunrises. As luck would have it. I found one clear favorite in the moon pictures. So I'm set. I'll just go with the one again like the other time and that will be a book-ended thing. Not so fast. I go to click on it for the post and it says something like incompatible with my system.

So I go back and hope there is a good second choice. Again, luckily one jumps out as a clear second favorite. But wait. Surprise, surprise. Same thing happens again. So I give up on that idea. Wasn't gonna get caught on third time lucky/unlucky. So again, fortunately an idea quickly pops into my head. I'm screwed! LOL. Not so fast. I know what you're thinking. How is that fortunate? Well, I meant search for the perfect picture that states that very point. And sure enough there are some. Thankfully, not too many good choices to overwhelm but enough to give choice. So that's what you got tonight. Hope you enjoyed it. Screwed or not, I can't complain. They were pretty funny.


P.S. So are you wondering what I was talking about saying both they and were pretty funny. If not, you should be. I didn't change the body since I slaved over the wording. LOL. Really, it's mainly because I thought it was kinda funny - in a sick sorta way - that I assumed that the three other pictures I saved, two of which I planned to use as I felt they were a good matchup (they were both demotivational pictures and both of animals - each with a bird and one including a cat).

Seems I was wrong. Both of the demotivationals and a funny but twisted one of football players had the same error message I mentioned above. In what turned out to be the only real lucky break I got here tonight with my picture gathering I found one sorta funny, kinda cute one that was a free stock photo. Bingo. Success. Thank God for that. Oddly enough, for a stock photo, it's not actually lame. That's what I always thought that most that would fall under that label would be. Glad to be wrong. This time. LOL.

P.P.S.  It didn't fit into the body (at the usual place after the picture explanation) because I wanted to explain the picture change situation in a P.S and it would have separated the picture information, but I would briefly like to take the time to weigh in on the Ashton Kutcher faux-pas (I looked and that was the more popular spelling). Actually, maybe it would have fit somehow, because Kutcher got screwed by his "fans", etc. the other day. It seems he was shamed by a hate blitz into making the announcement that he will be taking a break from Twitter - which he seemed to love - because of what I believe is an honest mistake.

People can be such assholes. Seems he spoke up for the imbattled sports guy who was fired for his handling of a sex-abuse scandal because he didn't know that was the reason he was fired. He thought it was due to ageism since this guy, who apparently still cut it as a coach, is in his 80's. I say Kutcher's mistake was the kind any of us could make. I mean who researches every comment they make. Embarrassing, yes. Lynch-mob worthy, hell no.

After all, he is known to be a very vocal advocate for those dealing with sexual abuse. Honestly, people should use there brains and their hearts when they speak. Kutcher did (well, the heart anyway). What are his critics excuses. Personally I don't think he needs to take a break from anything. Nor does he need to turn over his Twitter feed to his handlers like he plans to saying that perhaps it is too much for one person in his position. I say this - Ashton, don't be too apologetic. There is no need. A simple sorry, I goofed would suffice.

The C.A.T.

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