Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kevin Bacon Strips & A Fanta Sea

So today I have no cute, funny animal pictures to show you. These pictures, from FB "randoms" again, are still funny though. Just no animals involved.

It's a stretch, but what they have in common is they both are indirectly related to food and drink... and they are both obviously created by people with wacky minds. I mean how do people come up with this stuff.

Aren't these funny? Personally, as much as I appreciate the Kevin Bacon Strips, I think the Fanta Sea picture is even funnier. I think it takes an even loopier person to create it. LOL. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Why? Oh, and while I think of it, even though I like the Fanta Sea better (and really who doesn't like a good Fanta Sea? Get it! LOL) I just have to ask "How many degrees of separation are there between Kevin Bacon and Kevin Bacon in the pan?". LOL.



  1. Thanks Miss... So do I. It's my favorite of the two like I mentioned.

    Do you collect pictures off of places like FB too. For me, it's an addiction. LOL.


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