Sunday, November 27, 2011

I -Heart- My Followers

The picture today is pretty self explanatory. It is also the title of my post. The image, again from Yahoo Images, this time via which is some kind of a picture sharing site I think, based on the minute or less I spent checking out the link. Check it out and see what it's all about.

Now to why I picked today to let my followers know how much I love them. LOL. Well, when I came here something funny (sorta, I guess) happened. I noticed on my dashboard that my followers were now 74. For a brief second, I crazily thought that was a reduction of one rather than the increase of one that it is.

After I cleaned up the puddle on my chair (just kidding, I do get very excited about new followers but not that excited) I went to my followers gadget which, miracle of miracles is still working after being on the frizz a very long time. Anyway, seems that in a round about way I may have lost another follower in spite of what I just said.

You see, just like the one of the last times I mentioned it, there were not one but two new names. Something else just occurred to me, though, and it's actually good news/bad news. First the good news. Maybe it really is two new people and blogger forgot to count one. That is also the bad news.

It's good news cause more followers mean more potential commenters, although all but one of my newest 7 (that's the count I'm going with) followers haven't left comments yet :(  It's bad news of course, cause for me anyway, numbers do count. So get with it blogger. Count all my new followers, would ya!

Oh, and speaking of said new followers they are Ninja Clown and Depends on who you ask. To both of you welcome aboard. Thank you so much for joining and please leave me lots and lots of nice comments. That goes for all of you actually. LOL.

Before I sign off, I couldn't resist adding one more photo. It isn't heartfelt like the first one, nor does it really go with the post like the first one does but I found it while looking for the first one and it is about followers and it is funny. You've haven't been getting funny photos from me recently so this can sort of make up for it.

Obviously you have to be old enough to remember Pac-Man to get it but I think there is still a few of us out there don't you think? :)



  1. I know how you feel. I am a total comment whore. And I look up everyone I see my followers list number move. I also play the " who did I lose" game, but I can never figure out who left most of the time.

  2. LOL. Comment whore. That about sums me up top. You sound e-x-a-c-t-l-y like me in every single way when it comes to "follower mania". LOL.

  3. I actually found your blog looking for a image to send a friend. Now I don't even know what I was searching for lol just that I sent that pacman social media picture to my friend, since she loves Pac-Man! :)


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