Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Up, Up & Away!

I can't tell you just how excited I am. So I might as well show you since it's still "picture month".

Sorry it is so long and narrow. Unfortunately, the perfect picture (this) was a wallpaper. It comes from Yahoo Images via Apparently he is a web designer but if you scroll down the page if you go to it he also seems to take pictures too.

Anyway, onto the subject at hand. Yesterday I talked about my three new followers and one comment - both of which I solicitted in the blogger coffee shop forum. Well today, I came to my blog to see if any of my new followers (or the non-following commenter) left any new comments.

Imagine my surprise when I see another new follower (the previously non-following commenter!) who also left another comment. Yay, Jamie! Then, I left for quite awhile and also checked out and commented on some blogs before coming back to do a post. I wasn't sure what it would be on ... until ...

I notice another follower. Only one (minor) problem. I went looking in my followers list to see who it was and, if you remember me mentioning yesterday that unfortunately I lost track of a few newbies, noticed other than Jamie, not one but two unrecognized names.

That could mean one of two things, I think. First, one of them (but I don't really know this) could be from before. Second, they could both be new and the number only went up by one because I simultaneously lost a follower. Not likely in such a compact, coincidental (took a minute to remember the word - lol) timeframe.

Not likely, but within the realm of possibility. Either way, welcome to all three people I noticed Jamie, who I mentioned in yesterday's post, and lacey wilkins (lack of capitalization as it was) and SuperClown.

Even though it's going on the second anniversary of my blog and my header still (I have no plans to change it - as it "archives" my previous intent) has the plea to give me 75 followers by the first anniversary I am now within two. LOL. Oddly enough, I was close a year ago too. I've only gained about 5-7 in the last year.

If, on the off chance (please God, if you exist) I get some more (two or more ideally) followers between now and tomorrows post I promise that aside from welcoming the newcomers and, of course, crowing as much as is reasonably tasteful, I will actually pick a topic to write about too.

Till then...


P.S. Wish me luck with those last pesky two would-be followers! LOL.

The C.A.T.

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