Monday, November 7, 2011

Green Sandwiches & A Mug With A Plug

I was debating calling this post "Co-Worker Proofing Yourself" but the tell-all title (much like yesterday) won out. It just seemed to sound a bit better. In a bizarre way.

In any case, today we have two pictures again that I found independent of each other (on the same website but not side by side or in any way matched up) that I thought shared a theme in common. Basically I'm saying I was the one to see the connection, although when you see them and what they are meant to do you will surely see that it is an obvious link. That is namely, the aforementioned co-worker proofing. 

As you can see this first one is rather gross and quite obviously the green sandwich portion of the title. The item is found, like it's soon to be shown companion (not gross at all just strange and rather brilliant) on the website It is a site that has a variety of unusual items that you may very well think, despite in some but not all cases a rather high price tag, I just have to have that.

Clearly, on first glance this may not be one of them. It is gross. But the idea is to fool potentially lunch lifting coworkers into believing your perfectly good sandwich is a gross moldy mess that has been sitting in the office fridge too long. Obviously, the item is a baggie printed with a tasteful (lol) mold design that overlays your sandwich. The problem of course with this little trick is that there is always the ever so helpful co-worker that takes it upon themselves to clean up the kitchen, including the fridge. So your "perfect solution" to work-place theft purchase could get unceremoniously tossed.

This second item is more tasteful if crazy and much less likely (one hopes!) to hit the trash. I call it the Plug Mug. The idea is simple. Instead of co-workers "stealing" borrowing your mug when you are not there and they don't have one and germing it up, you take out the plug when you are gone. Voila, they can't use it. When you come back you simply put the plug back in and fill it up. How cool is that?

So what do you think? Would you purchase either of these items (or both) for yourselves. I know I would. At least I would the mug. The sandwich bag, not so sure. LOL. Anyway, again the big question is "Who comes up with this stuff?"



  1. The mug is so cool! Amazing what you can find browsing on the internet.

    How about the photos already inserted in photo frames. Like, especially when they have people on them. Who would be paid to be on a picture that is only there to be replaced?
    Another pointless question to ponder..

  2. Thanks Tree... nice to see you back.

    I just recently have been back to the coffee shop forum - basically since I started blogging again. Are you there much anymore? Do you blog regularly?

    As for your comments about the photo inserts - I'd like to be a photo insert. Ah, the fame. Fleeting fame but fame nevertheless. LOL.

    BTW, sorry to say my fridge magnets gadget has been broken for quite some time, as you may have already seen, so I don't have the cool palm tree you made anymore.

    It was amazing. I had been meaning to ask you how in the world you made it and how long did it take.

    Well, I appreciate the comment. Take care.


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