Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The "Magic" Number

So today's topic is magic. Well not really. We are not going on a word picture trip to Disneyland either. I was looking for a nice picture of a wizard to signify magic but wasn't immediately successful and well, didn't feel like looking a bunch so when this came up under the search magic... the rest was history.

The Yahoo Images picture via http://www.en.wikipedia.org/ is of course of Disneyland but the larger signifigance of it is that the beautiful fireworks lighting up the Magic Kingdom from behind say magic like no other. So what magic will I be talking about?

The magic number I refer to in the title is, of course, 75. As in 75 followers. A number which I just noticed hitting this morning at 2:00am (never mind what I was doing up then - lol). I'll try to keep it brief. My newest follower is Dan Hillman.

He is the guy with the cross-eyed photo of himself (Dan! Get a more flattering photo. You're a nice looking kid. I saw your twitter picture). He has a blog too. But don't google it. Click on his picture and use the link you get from that. The only person who comes up on Google is not the same Dan Hillman. I checked.

Anyway, welcome aboard, Dan. Welcome to the magic that is C.A.T. Stuff. LOL.

Just a short little note before I go on what I will be writing about tomorrow. It is a sad story I just heard about on Yahoo News. It does, however, have a (sort of) happy ending. So check back for that.


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