Saturday, March 6, 2010

Potpourri/Mom & Dad

In one of my last larger posts (the last few have been a sentence only) I said I would be posting daily (or more!). As you can see that was slightly true but also a little premature.

I will amend that to continue trying to post every second day, at least twice a week and up to daily or more. I definitely have posting fodder as I have been reading a lot of other blogs and subscribing like mad (I hit the blogger limit - 300! - lol).

Am in a bit of a hurry today, so I will just post a few random things that have come up lately. Definitely glad for my comment widget as I saw another comment I never would have noticed about my friend Francisco, his wife and the Chilean earthquake.

For some odd reason though, it didn't show up till several days later I think. Gremlins?

Deleted two posts yesterday along with the two comments on one of them as they upset a family member. Hopefully the person that I was responding to in the second comment got the response before it was deleted.

Today, is what would have been my late father's 90th birthday. He's been gone now almost 30 years as have the only two grandparents that I knew and a dear friend that was one of two foster sisters I had for a few years growing up.

They all died the same year. My father and maternal grandparents within 10 days of each other and my foster sister and friend about 3 months to the day after my dad who died between my grandparents.

Had a nice visit with a friend yesterday, and had a picnic of sorts at her apartment. Unfortunately, it was a catered picnic of (fried chicken) so have spent a considerable amount of my disposable income for the month. Worth it though.

Will be going to a friends today (hence the hurry as it is getting late in the day) and to visit my mother for the rest of the weekend. Will likely be taking my mother out for dinner on Sunday as I didn't get to on her birthday.

Made a list of blog topics in brainstorming fashion (ie. nothing is to stupid to write down and work off of to generate even more ideas) and came up with 7 pages in one sitting! Started this a few days ago. It is now about 7-1/2.

Oh, and the commenter I mentioned (on the post mentioning Francisco) said he would also check out Francisco's site. Was happy to hear that I could bring someone there. Well, that's all for now. See you soon.


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