Monday, March 1, 2010

Standing For Nothing

Well today I am at the start of probably making a fairly dramatic change to my blog here. I am thinking of posting daily or even occasionally more than that. I decided this after I made a list of possible blog topics and finished of with a full 7 pages! Admittedly, many probably won't stand up to scrutiny and will be left in the scrap-pile. After all, it was written in a brainstorming type of nothing is too stupid, stream-of-consciousness way quickly all in one sitting with no editing. Also the beginning of a new month seemed as good a time as any, particularly one in which I shall very soon (March 6th) celebrate my 2 month anniversary on blogger.

Before I get to the main topic of the title of this post I would also like to note a piece of news that may or may not be signifigant in the future of this blog as well that also came about today. On the recommendation of two of my FB randoms who have joined this blog as followers as well, I have joined a companion blog site called Multiply. Both of this men have said that they think Multiply has more features than Blogger but as I was leery having already posted 25 posts when this one is included it seemed silly to change unless the difference was dramatic.

Well the truth is, from my first look around the site I am underwhelmed. I don't do pictures, videos, and audio or add on widgets yet so if that is the difference it won't affect me to much so the change/addition would be rather useless. Perhaps reaching another audience would be nice although I don't know Multiply's position in the blogging universe as far as users/reach is concerned. But they sealed the deal by both mentioning that I could someone send from one blog to another and cross-promote this blog. We'll see how that works.

I made my first post there in the first few minutes/half-hour after looking around a bit. It was v-e-r-y simple. Basically a one line promotion of this blog with the address link. I have 1 follower or friend (whatever it's called there). I don't remember. That is Hayatali. He sent me the invitation to join that came in my yahoo (secondary) e-mail that I have because I've been able to download Yahoo's Messenger Chat Service successfully whereas I have been unsuccessful with MSN Hotmail/Live's Messenger Chat Service. I will probably be getting a response from Randy soon as he was the first to mention using Multiply when initially I scoffed at the idea.

That all said I move on to the main topic of this post. Yesterday, when I posted the Standing For Something post early in the morning because I couldn't sleep for the second night in a row I stated that I would be at church (Unitarian) for the social justice, where we are headed themed service. But because it was the second night with out sleep, I never got there. Shortly before, the sleep impulse finally kicked in. In my defense before I decided to bail on the much anticipated topic that I promised I would attend to help out with someone I don't know's problem I determined that I would get a transcript for the service as they used to sell for a nominal fee.

So I went from Standing for Something to potentially Standing For Nothing if the said transcripts are no longer published with the move to the "new" church. I hope that that is just a little response and that I can successfully lobby the minister, Brian to at least hear my FB acquaintance out. As I said before he can do the vetting. I did also miss the opportunity to light a candle for my brother-in-law Bernie at my first opportunity. And maybe my last. Hopefully not. Then again, there is the suffering. Who knows just how much pain he is in. Mercifully, the end is hopefully near but not before I reach him with my message of gratitude and apology.


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