Monday, March 1, 2010

Up, Up & Away

Seeing as I decided to post something today that expanded upon the previous day and it was a bit of a downer at it's conclusion I thought I'd finish off today with it being the beginning of a month as well as almost my 2 month anniversary on blogger (Mar 6th) with something wholely more upbeat.

Well, I guess it is a bit bittersweet too. The subject of this post is a movie that I've been wanting to see ever since I heard about it. Today I got the video of the Academy Award nominated animated movie Up. It sounded like a for the most part sweet tale of an old man and an eager young boy scout who end up taking a fantastic adventure together and learning something important along the way. But their is a tinge of the bitter in the backstory of the movie. It's also perhaps a bittersweet post because it's a movie that I want to give to my sister Carol too but I'm not sure if she is up to the backstory part of the movie.

I bought a copy at Zellers thinking it would be the most reasonable place to shop as opposed to Blockbuster since I am on a budget of sorts. But since Blockbuster was right next door I thought I'd just see the difference and check if there was a sale there as opposed to regular price at Zellers. No sale. However, there was both an odd thing and a even or I should say an expected even thing. It was a dollar or so cheaper at Blockbuster. The specialty store! That's of course the odd thing. The expected even thing was that I had forgotten that they of course offer pre-viewed videos at a reduced price. So a previously viewed copy was about half the price.

I decided since I bought the wrapped new copy at Zellers and kept the receipt directly with it that I would buy a previously viewed copy at Blockbuster and test-drive it. If I think Carol will be ok with it (in any case eventually in the near future) and it was good quality I would decide on whether to buy a second previously viewed copy and return the new copy or just give her the new copy. It may seem a small or petty thing but as the events of Saturday and my fight with a friend as previously mentioned showed money is an issue for both of us.

But back to the movie. It got very good reviews so far as I've seen. It got the Academy Award nomination. It is apparently the #1 animated movie of 2009 (although how many there were is up for debate). The perhaps over-detailed description of the movie's "basic idea" by a friendly acquaintance was promising but not unexpected based on the aforementioned reviews. And the blurb on the back actually was able to add to what I thought was a too detailed description by the person I mentioned. It even seemed upon reading that blurb like there might be still more to be uncovered and that the already known plot points would be dealt with in a more creative way than usual based on the stories inherent creativity. Or so I think.

I plan to see it either tonight or tomorrow as time is of the essence. Probably tonight. I can't wait. I was planning to see it with family but my young great-nephew was so eager to see it that his mom gave in and they watched it together before I was able to go see it with them. So I guess I'm not the only one who was excited to see it. I definitely hope it lives up to my expectations. I will probably post a bit of a review of it in my next post or in the very near future.

On a final unrelated note, but related to my previous post today that was also secondary to the main posting a word or two about the blog itself. I tried customizing it and was quite disappointed with the results of most of what I tried and deleted all the changes except one. You will find my most recent two comments listed just above my follower count (which btw is up to 24!).

Oh and one more minisule change that I defy anyone to notice. If you can guess what it is then I will send you a nice postcard as a prize.


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