Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Curse Of The Jade ... Gummy Bear

For any of you who are Woody Allen fans, I'm sure you've heard of his movie The Curse of The Jade Scorpion. Well right now I'm going to talk a little about the Jade Gummy Bear.

Very little it seems because after hearing a tiny bit about an artist who actually made a jade gummy bear - size unknown - on a radio show I googled it only to find ...

... Nothing!

That's right. Nothing. Surely, the making of a piece of art so evocative of the later half of the twentieth century would come up in a google search in the first ten searches.

But nope. Apparently fine art is underappreciated by Google search engines. I did however find something from the Urban Dictionary ( ) about wet gummy bears. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Apparently, wet gummy bears speak in German, too. LOL. Don't ask. Ok, so maybe your mind being in the gutter (if you know anything about the urban dictionary it isn't surprising that that is where you would have went) is to be expected.

After all, most dominatrixes have German accents, don't they. Anyway, I am getting a little far afield. Seems this artist did a jade gummy bear. Based on my limited, lazy excuse for a search I can't find anything about it.

So, in lieu of the comments I have not been getting lately, I will ask you my dear followers, can you find anything about this. Do you perhaps have better search skills than I do. More endurance. If so, please do tell.

Of course this does mean leaving a comment. I trust I can count on you to do this little thing for me. After all, I've only slaved over just over 125 posts for you. Sniff, sniff. (Is it working yet?) LOL. See you soon.


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