Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movie! Movie! and (One More) Movie!

The title was supposed to be Movies, Movies and More Movies but I changed it since "we" will be talking about exactly three. Two and then one. Just like the title says.

About two weeks ago I went and saw two movies in a row again (the time before it was Life As You Know It and Due Date as I mentioned in a previous post). This time it was The Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg and How Do You Know with Reese Witherspoon.

Got to the theatre a little late, what with the ticket and concession lines both to contend with, to see the trailers or even the first few minutes of The Social Network. Not an auspicious start. Especially considering the point where I came in.

The Mark Zuckerberg (Eisenberg) character was reeling off a list of colleges where he wanted to get into their info and was explaining the tech issues at each one - in about a mile a minute voice. Snore. Annoying snore.

But it got better from there. Much better. I had wanted to see TSN sort of, but when it came time to put money and time into it I wasn't really sure. I thought it might be quite dry/boring. It really wasn't.

Surprisingly, there were a lot of funny moments. None of which I can really put my finger on. Partly because it was two weeks ago and partly because it was mostly one liners I think. Mainly, the Zuckerberg/Eisenberg character being a smartass.

I thought it was worth seeing. Being in a "dollar" theatre didn't hurt matters either but although I wouldn't have bothered seeing it in a first-run theatre, I'd say it would have been worth it. It definitely had its share of laughs.

Then came How Do You Know. This one was a surprise of sorts. First of all, I wasn't really sure I'd be going to two movies that day as I wasn't sure about Burlesque (which I still haven't seen - more on that later maybe). I hadn't planned on seeing HDYK since although I was looking forward to this movie for some time, it's name had me drawing a blank.

I only amended my choice to it, instead of likely seeing Burlesque with TSN, because I spied a poster of it in the entrance. I was a bit surprised it was already in the cheaper theatre. I'm not sure why as I guess it had been out long enough.

HDYK not only stars Witherspoon but also Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd along with a small but funny part for a favorite actor of my mom's - Jack Nicholson. The baseball angle was thankfully kept to a bare minimum.

Perhaps it was because, as my brother said when he asked me what I saw (he knows when I've been to the movies because he gets the leftover popcorn - lol), he commented on how unbelievable he thought it that RW would be baseball star.

I r-e-a-l-l-y enjoyed this movie. I think I am a poor judge of a movie's originality as I think of myself as a pretty easy audience for the most part but I definitely enjoyed this and would say it "didn't smell like day-old fish" to me.

Even more so than Social Network maybe, I would say check out How Do You Know. It was certainly a fun movie considering it's two "themes" were about unfortunate situations. I say maybe because while I liked HDYK a bit more, TSN was very good too.

See what I mean about an easy audience! LOL. Anyway, the final movie I saw I saw this last weekend with my friend Katherine was the Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp movie The Tourist. I also enjoyed this. I'll leave it at this - really liked the ending.

And no I don't mean, I was glad it was over. LOL. Although it was very predictable in many places (except for two notable exceptions at the beginning) and not at all realistic even for this type of film I enjoyed it. The leads were a nice pairing.

Well, that's it for my Roger Eberting for this week. I would have had to say that with the recent loss of my job that I probably wouldn't be seeing as many movies till I start working but for my Christmas gift of a bit of a sizeable gift card.

I will however, probably be cutting back at the concession though as you can literally eat through a gift card pretty fast at the concession.


PS. One nice thing happened when Katherine and I were waiting in line for our single show we saw this past weekend - turns out someone passed Katherine (who gives off a charming older lady vibe - lol) several coupons to get in for seventy-five cents each. And I thought $3.50 was good!

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